Posted by: oceannah | August 11, 2012

three funerals and a birthday

We knew she would not last forever, but I never thought it would end this way.

Our beloved Henny Penny and two of our baby chicks were carted off by a predator.  This is the firstpredator attack we have ever had (on our livestock, bears and bees aside).  So ends a 10 year streak of luck.  Although we have a lovely coop for the chickens in the barn, it appears that a raccoon dug under the barn sill and entered the coop.  It also ate up the remaining eggs left by the most recent mama.  We should have taken them out, but she was so violently protective of her little corner of the globe we though it could wait.  Oh that hindsight.  We are heartsick and deeply saddened that Henny Penny left us in this way.

It is a sad time and also a joyful time.  As we mourn our losses, we are also preparing to celebrate the 13th journey ’round the sun for our dear daughter.  Where on earth did thirteen years go?  I hope your weekend is filled with joy.




  1. Oh, Anna, I’m so sorry 😦
    Poor Henny Penny! Sending hugs to all of you and happy BDay to our sweet DD and happy BIRTH day, to you xoxo

  2. Thanks Sandi. I miss HP it is so odd to not see her about. The day before she left us I had a wonderful moment with her. I was drinking my coffee outside and she tottered up to me then sat down. I went in the house and took the left over piece of pancake w/ jam on it from dd’s plate. I went back outside and while the other hens crowded in I kept doing the fake throw to the right to send them away and then HP had a bite, and another. She was a sweet hen.
    Thanks for the BIRTH day wishes for me too!!! Spoken like a midwyfe 🙂

    • Thirteen years? Wow! (Does time suddenly shift into high gear when someone gives birth?)
      Congratulations to the both of you
      (loving Sandi’s reference too: )

      Oh, poor Henny Penny and those sweet little chicks? Blasted ‘Coons! But have I ever told you how delicious they are? Yes, seriously – Dad was a trapper back in the day – tastes better than pork and would make a very strong statement of “Don’t mess with me and mine!” to the rest of the murdering bandits (while turning a negative more positive; )

      • Deb I do think time warps our somehow…I recall my grandma saying in her mid 80’s that the days seemed longer but the years shorter…I’m catching on to her meaning 😉 We did not have a need to trap/kill the raccoon. It was a (so far) single incident, and to own part of the problem, we should have removed the stinking eggs that did not hatch…everyone’s gotta eat. I’m surprised that you say raccoon meat taste like pork. I never would have thought so, but I’ve never had it either. I’ll tuck that tidbit in my back pocket for now.

  3. I feel a personal loss for dear Henny Penny, and the chicks. But, very happy you have such a loving support for your dear daughter and hope this week is a wonderful time with her! – Kaye

    • I knew you would feel that way Kaye I was so sorry to share the news with you. It’s been a very fun busy time.

  4. so sad — but HP to your daughter — with sorrow comes sunshine

    • There is always balance LouAnn, thanks for taking note of it and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate that 🙂

  5. Aww hun I am so sorry! What a terrible way to lose them 😦 *big hugs*

    • Thanks for the big hugs ashpauls very sweet of you. It was a terrible way particularly for HP. I so appreciate your thoughts and hugs.

  6. Oh poor Henny Penny!!! Drat those raccoons! Hope you can foil any more attacks!!

    • Thanks Cindy, the worst is over and the ‘coons have to eat too ya know. I do not begrudge them being what/who they are. We had a shocking bit of luck as per predators go…10 years is a long time. Thanks for your warm thoughts. No more attacks so far.

  7. oh no! poor things! hope you are all ok 🙂

    • We are well, but it was pretty startling. The coop is safer now and we have not had a repeat offense thankfully.

    • Thanks Shannon

  8. I’m so sorry about Henny Penny. 😦 It’s so hard to lose a loved pet.

    • Thanks for your kind words. HP was a wonderful hen and we have many years worth of memories.

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