Posted by: oceannah | August 17, 2012

I don’t reblog many things. This is one that I feel really is important for us all to get behind. Please consider signing the petition…our food system is broken, it will be up to us to fix it!
Thanks to The Cherry Diaries for sharing the original post.



  1. Unfortunately online petitions are limited in their success; ultimately (and legally) only worth the paper they’re written on. Corporations listen to their shareholders and pay attention to the bottom line. If you truly want to effect change use your wallet… By purchasing open pollinated, heritage seed from “safe” seed sources and by continuing to share hard won, ancestral gardening knowledge here online. Community is power and therein lies our strength.

    • Agreed on both counts Deb, but I still think it is a worthwhile pass along. There are some people for whom this will be a first step in the unfolding of their awareness and that is the key. As for me personally I’m already ‘on board’ with seed saving, heritage crops, local I DO NOT purchase products from Walmart/bug box stores or contaminated seed. I have a personal ethic on the boycott (and use it to the chagrin of my family) and really wish the movement of boycotting could regain the momentum it had in the past, because, as you say, that is the real way to bring the company (ies) into line. Sharing online is good…and I do. Doing it in real time with kids in particular is where it’s *really* at for me…and I do have opportunities to share with kids a fair amount but not like when I was teaching EE.

      • Education is always a GOOD thing and I admire your efforts (and everyone involved) in spreading the word.

  2. Please let me show how there’s a link that ties all of this/us – FarmGal, Cherry Diaries, you and me… everyone together:
    (copy and pasted to Cherry Diaries as well)

    • Thanks Deb

  3. Love this! I totally shared it on my FB page – and signed the petition. I think Monsanto needs to be stopped and our food system needs fixed. Thanks so much for posting this!

    • Thanks Stephanie! If it will be fixed, I believe it will be because of people like you taking appropriate positive action.

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