Posted by: oceannah | June 14, 2013

Summer goals and plans

radiant sky Rain in great abundance has been falling daily.  The garden has been ok mostly, but if this weather pattern continues there will be consequences to the plants.  On the up-side, such weather provided us with the above shot one evening at sunset.

On other news I’ve started a personal best summer challenge with the BFFM group.  I realized that simply saying I want to get fit or lose weight were a bit meaningless, as I’ve done both.  So what to do now that I can say with gusto that I am fit?  Aiming for personal best’s on my lifts has become my summer challenge.  Currently I am at 80# squats and my goal by September will be to Squat my body weight (+ or – 150 pounds, depending if I gain muscle/lose some stray flab 😉 ).  Speaking of flab, my current body composition is running about 27% bf.  By the end of summer I hope to bring that number down to about 20%, very do-able.

Since I’ll be 50 in a few more weeks another goal of my summer challenge will be to do 50 fully prone pushups!  That is a great challenge for me as I’ve had a lot of surgery and have only recently “graduated” to the fully prone pushup.  Currently I do 3 sets of 5 followed by one set of 10 for a total of 20.  However my goal of 50 is without rests between as I am doing now…cheer me on, I’m going to need it.

How grows your garden or what plans are you making to improve your fitness levels this summer?  Are any of you planning an awesome vacation?  Our summer is shaping up to be full but fun.  I hope the same is true for you.




  1. You set some nifty goals! I’m sure you’ll reach them. I need to get back on the blogging band wagon. So much going on its tough to find time!

    • Thanks Sandi.
      I’m well on the way w/ the pushup challenge.
      I hear you on the busy days…same here. Hoping things
      slow down a wee bit now with summer.

  2. Good luck with your challenge Anna; you’re a braver woman than I

    • Bravery not required Dallas…more like stubbornness which I have in
      abundance 😉

  3. Hi Anna, First, let me say that I greatly admire your drive.
    But about the weather… If Climate Change is defined by extremes of weather, then it should be becoming more obvious to even the most stalwart of disbelievers, right?
    Too much rain here as well… When I was looking at the fruit trees this morning, I noticed a large amount of pear embryo have turned black and are shrivelling up – some sort of fungal thing, I assume – good thing we had an awesome pollination this year. How about you?

    • Oh Deb, I sincerely hope you are correct on the disbelievers. Unfortunately it is not merely a simple matter of reading more/becoming more educated about the science…it is driven by greed and money.
      I see a lot of fruit on the apples (we had a really scant harvest last year b/c of early frost), and the pears/plums look in good shape considering all the rain. It’s been
      more sunny here the past couple days so fingers crossed.


  4. Good luck with those goals. I should probably have a few myself.

    • Thanks Heidi I’ll keep ya posted 😉 Having goals is great, not being a slave to them is
      a lesson.

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