Posted by: oceannah | June 21, 2013

The longest day

bleeding heart

Happy Summer Solstice!

The weather here has begun to cooperate a smidgen.  We were able to have a full sunny day with all the wonderful activities of summer; swimming, baseball, a short run, the playground and meals outside.  We capped it with a fire and all is well.

Not quite as wonderful in the garden…I have some marauding thief who likes strawberries as much as we do.  It’s probably a chipmunk.  Several traps have been set so hopefully yields will increase.

Enjoy the longest day my friends…tomorrow will have a wee bit less daylight.



  1. We can always count on you Anna for our solstice reminders 🙂 Love the bleeding heart (I think??) beautiful. Glad you’re enjoying a little summer weather, sounds great fun. Think our summer in the UK has come and gone, it lasted about a week 😉 xxx

    • (((Sonia))) so happy to see you. Yes it’s a bleeding heart. I’m sorry to hear about the brief UK summer…we’re not much better off alas. The tomatoes are either shivering in the chill or roasted too hot. How goes the newer meal plans for you?
      Hope you all get some sun shiny days in this summer in spite of the crazy weather.

  2. […] The longest day ( […]

  3. Yay! I’m staying inside today. At 7:00am it was 78 degrees and the dewpoint was 69. Bleh.
    Besides, new things on me are hurting today. Booo!

    • wow, that is warm 😉 Supposed to be in the 90’s this weekend here…what crazy weather!

      • Heat index 103 yesterday. Yay. I stayed inside. 🙂

      • A good call!

  4. Love the flower. It looks like it represents both reproductive organs (midwife in me)… Happy summer solstice to you!!

    • You’re all midwyfe Sandi. ps…having trouble getting onto your blog…prob. my server here 😦 xo

  5. Aw jeez, I HATE it when the days start getting shorter… (Good thing the weather’s been so gorgeous for a day or two, eh?; )
    A Happy Solstice to you and yours!!: )

    • Yes Deb we’re having some sun also…finally. I do enjoy the seasons, but I must say this spring has been so bizarre that I feel a bit cheated.

      • Agreed! This will be the (May and) June that never was, and it seems we’ve skipped directly over into mid-July at that! Wow, from frigid to muggy in one fell swoop (how’s that for acclimatisation?):

      • Same here Deb! Weeeird……

      • Hey there! Happy Fourth (and happy fiftieth btw( : )

      • Thanks for the 50th good wishes Deb.

  6. Is the flower a bleeding heart?

    • Yes, bleeding heart 🙂 I have huge shrub sized ones here.

  7. Yes I think when the days get shorter it is by 3 minutes a day,

    • Thanks Chris 🙂

      • Am I the only one who finds this thought depressing? *sigh*

      • HellNO!
        I noticed last night that it is darker than usual 😦

      • It seems so totally unfair – especially THIS year – that, by the time summer finally arrived(arrives), we’re losing daylight. Geez, I must be getting old or something… Every day, time seems to just FLY by, more and more quickly (and become all the more precious for it, I guess. (Speaking of which, I’m burning daylight; )

      • I’m with you 100%!

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