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Accepting an award is always an honor.  Accepting two awards is double the honor.  In this case it is also a responsibility.  Sonia  awarded me the Sunshine Award as well as a Very Inspirational Blogger Award  about a month ago and I have been very busy with many things but did not want to forget since part of acceptance is “paying it forward”, a common theme I’m learning here in blogdom.  There are many wonderful blogs out there that I follow every single day and you would be first on my list ALWAYS…however I know that you’ve already received this award.  Yay you!

Now as far as I can tell from hunting around, the genesis of these awards remains unknown to me.  Suffice to say that the Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspire others in the blog world.  And the Very Inspiring Blogger Award is pretty self explanatory.  These awards are sweet reminders that words matter.  What we say and how we say it is powerful.  In the beginning was the word…  And the word became flesh.  So yes, words matter.  I am profoundly grateful that some of my words have been found to be inspiring, positive and creative.  It is not always so, and I am ever on the journey of minding what words I use both with others as well as the words I silently speak to myself.  ” May all my words be sweet for someday they may be the words I eat.” ~ old wife who had a tale or two worth listening to.

Most of you know the drill so I’ll not belabor it.  If you don’t know the drill, not to worry, the process is pretty self explanatory and/or I’ll walk you through it.  Acceptance of the Sunshine Award requires me to answer a few questions and then nominate (10) other blogs that inspire, delight and excite me.  Simple right?

Q & A

Favorite colors:  Purple and Green…check out my bedroom someday purple velvet drapes on the french doors and a green and purple bear paw quilt on the bed made by my mom 🙂

Favorite Animal:  POODLE

Favorite Number: 88

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: COFFEE

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? umm, nope, neither

My passion: Living each day to my highest potential

Prefer getting or giving presents:   GIVING

Favorite Pattern:   SPIRAL


Favorite Flower:  hmmm tough question.  I have a fave for each season so here goes.  Spring:  Trillium,   Summer: Rugosa Rose,  Autumn:  Purple Asters,  Winter:  Witch Hazel

Blogs that inspire, delight and excite me and probably you too once you visit are in no particular preferential order:

1.  Brett is a kindred spirit who works hard daily to get fit in spite of some medical limitations, something I can relate to.

2.  Always something new and interesting to be found at simplefitnesstips!

3. Moonday’s blog at  Even though I can’t comment on blogger I love following Moonday and her great blog about her Dukan diet journey.

4.  SeedtoSalad is another blog after my own heart.  If you want to see some lovely things from the garden check out s2s

5.  Another Jersey Girl like me blogging about being in med school and daily recipes always an interesting juxtaposition happening  there 😉

6. Russel is another very inspiring person that I follow he is currently teetering at the edge of a 100 pound weight loss!

7.  for those of you who know Cyn, ’nuff said!  For those of you unacquainted, get on it… Cyn is a passionate woman living every day to the fullest and embracing what life brings her with quiet dignity and aplomb.

8.  Julie is a great blogger that is also a scrapbooker!

9.  for all things paleo you won’t find a better site.

10. Shannon is a fun and spirited blogger also on the Dukan diet journey.  She is real and down to earth.  She writes with humor and a refined self acceptance even when things are less than peachy.

These 10 blogs are all very different and each one has something very groovy to offer.  I encourage you all to check them out and give them a pat on the back for being nominated for a Sunshine Award!

Now for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award I am to do the following:

I am to state 7 things you don’t already know about me:

1.  I have three sisters

2. I almost drowned two times…once I was saved by my cousin the other a few years later by my uncle

3. When I was in the 6th grade we were playing on the playground and my friend Laurie ran into the window glass full force w/ both arms outstretched.  Everyone backed away in fear blood was everywhere.  I do not understand how or why but I ran to her grabbed her arms and held them in the air and we ran to the nurse.  Laurie was fine but had severe scars and was hospitalized for a spell.  I learned that I am good in a crisis that day.

4. My first car was a powder blue vw beetle restored by my dad named Heintzie

5. I still prefer skinny dipping even though most of my skinny has gone

6. I have lived without electricity, running water or ‘modern’ conveniences and loved it fully.  I’d do it again too except for the running water thing, at my age, I realllllly appreciate a tap that send hot water to me on demand 🙂

7. I homeschooled my daughter until this past year when she decided to ‘see what’s up w/ the whole school thing’

And, I have to pay it forward to seven bloggers that inspire me, whew…almost there.  These bloggers are an eclectic mix of things that I find interesting and enjoy reading.  I hope you’ll visit and do the same.

1. cool kitchen gadgets and fun stuff groovy chics in charge over at funfinds

2. another place I visit for weight loss inspiration!

3.  A kindred spirit in keeping life simple, very cool stuff to be found here for those looking to simplify

4.  Danasia is a lovely young woman with a sweet blog and insights beyond her years….as well as a stunning smile 🙂

5.  homesteading is never easy, tenderfoot is on the homesteading journey and doing a great job blogging about it.

6. another fellow traveler on the path of simplicity…good tips and reading

7. super paleo site not for those on a low fat diet!  I loved the paleo pizza recipe…yummm

So there you have it folks, a double whammy of awards…  Check out these fellow bloggers and SPREAD THE LOVE.


update:  I corrected the original error that did not link each blog and I fixed the error that had lostart… instead of the freerangehuman.  It’s a good thing I like editing 🙂



  1. Thanks so much, Anna! I’m thrilled to to be nominated by you!

    • You’re welcome so much Tenderfoot…I look forward to see who passes by your camera next 🙂

  2. You are so welcome and deserving Anna! I love your blog. xoxo

    • Thanks Sonia xoxo

  3. Thanks for the nomination!!:)

    • You are welcome Shannon.

  4. Hi!! Im only a month late, but haven’t been blogging much. Doing more gardening! I wanted to thank you for nominating for the award, and will make it an official post soon!! Thanks again!

    • Good to have you back.

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