Posted by: oceannah | August 9, 2012

News from the coop…

hen and chicks

Although Henny Penny did not successfully bring a brood into the world this summer, her daughter has done so.  The hen pictured above hatched out three chicks.  Which I was actually rather surprised about since there were many days I’d go into the barn only to see she was off the eggs and wandering about.

This hen is not the sweet gentle Henny Penny.  When I arrived in the barn the other morning and saw the chicks, I tried to get a bit closer and she charged me!  Wings out, puffed up feathers and all.  So picking up baby chicks and checking their sex may not be on the menu.

baby chicks

Three little balls of fluff chirping about and making a racket in the coop.  They are adorable little things.  It’s pretty late in the season for such babes, but hopefully all will be well and they’ll get along just fine with such a protective mama on their ‘heels’.



  1. she definitely has a “don’t mess with me” look about her.

    • Right on…look from afar, and don’t even think about touching my babies.

  2. Oh yeah – haven’t picked eggs in decades, but that’s “the look” all right – if those babies don’t survive, it won’t be for lack of trying’ on Momma’s part! (Heck, I’ve probably been known to wear that particular expression once or twice myself; )

    • The look indeed Deb! You know it…and once you’ve been hen pecked it is easy to spot 😉

  3. Boy does she look like the protective type! Isn’t going to let anything happen to her babies! How cute are they?!

    • She really does look pretty menacing! I was a bit surprised by her rushing me that way too, since most of the other hens are pretty mellow. Thanks for popping in and commenting. I appreciate it!

      • Well, at least you know the babies have a good chance of surviving any threats from predators and whatnot…looks like she’s being a great mom…though it probably isn’t best for you! lol.

  4. My husband and I are slowly moving towards an urban homestead lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    • Yay for you Local Traveler! I wish you much success on your journey to urban homesteading. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you’ll stay in touch.

  5. Wow…hatching Monarchs and chicks! That’s a whole log of birthing going on. Is it something in the water? 🙂 Congratulations!

    • Well if it’s in the water I’d better watch my sippin’ 😉

  6. How exciting – new babies!

  7. chicks are so cute – hope you will not be offended — but too bad they grow up to look like chickens

    • LouAnn…I’m not a bit offended AND I tend to agree with you, although I do have a soft spot for Henny Penny and if I had digital pictures of Mr. Dandy, you may change your mind.

  8. God made cameras for situations like these! Otherwise, how would we have seen how adorable the chicks are? She looks a lot like Henny Penny. Did HP mate with the same breed?

    • Oh sheeesh, and I though Nikon made my camera…goes to show you what I know Kaye! Henny Penny (brahman/buff cochin) and Mr. Dandy pure Auracana (father to our current rooster, Junior) were the genetic pool that created this lovely if menacing hen!

  9. So cute! I wouldn’t be messin’ with that momma!

    • I know can you believe the evil eye…yikes.

      • I was going to mention the evil eye, she certainly has that!

  10. I miss having chickens (sigh)

    • They do add add something to the day… Thanks for stopping in.

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