Posted by: oceannah | August 17, 2013

Summer finally slows down a bit

long view of a bit of the summer's a chaos of green and the deep mulch seems to be helping with weed suppresion

long view of a bit of the summer garden…it’s a chaos of green and the deep mulch seems to be helping with weed suppression

It’s been a very busy summer!  We had some fun traveling days to Boston & Concord MA as well as the shore.  We’ve kept the garden going along nicely in spite of the weather extremes.  The deep mulch is working nicely.  Although we’d hoped to visit the Grand Canyon in these waning days of summer, that will not happen for a variety of reasons…mostly time constraints.

Here are a couple pictures of what’s been happening on the homestead.  I’ve implemented Heidi’s no blanch method with the copious amounts of Rattlesnake green beans and just popped them right into the freezer.  Although we have loads of tomatoes there isn’t a single one that is even blushing yet.  MANY bags of collards and kale have found their way into the freezer and the garlic & onion crops have been harvested and are curing up in the barn.  For the first time ever we’ve felt the need to buy the Japanese beetle traps.  My cucumbers are not producing well and the vines are yellowing out, I think it’s something viral.  The apple trees look very promising and the red raspberries were pretty much a bust.  If the birds are slow or I am quick, elderberries will be a good bet.  The winter squash are all in fine fettle and many pumpkins are already sized up nicely.

Just a few days ago we sowed some late crops of broccoli rabe, pac choi, salad greens, and a variety of lettuces.  Since the summer squashes got unruly I yanked a bunch out- I mean how much zucchini can one eat?  However in a month or so we’ll probably want some more so I planted a late bit of green and yellow summer squash.  We’ll see if they make or not.


grass fed burger w/ guac

grilled grass fed burger from Kingbird Farm on a bed of greens w/ grilled onions and fresh guacamole. Summer Food!

one goal for this years garden was to grow the most expensive to purchase raddichio runs 5-7$/lb and we love it

one goal for this years garden was to grow the most expensive to purchase produce…organic raddichio runs 5-7$/lb and we love it










organic summer greens

organic summer greens…simply cannot go wrong here!

thoreau's grave site

in Boston and Concord MA we did some sight seeing and of course wouldn’t miss the walk along Author’s Ridge in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery resting place of HD Thoreau, Emerson, LM Alcott as well as the grave of sculptor Daniel Chester French










celtic cross headstone

another beautiful headstone at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

atlantic ocean

summer = shore, ’nuff said









bee balm

keeping the hummingbirds & bees content and enjoying the wonderful aroma of the bee balm

I hope the tail end of your summer finds you all well and rested.  Aside from dealing with a significant email snafu, things here are returning to a modest roar.  Cheers!














  1. My how your garden grows!!

    • It’s been a good year in spite of the weird weather(s).
      How’s things in FL? Did that grandbaby arrive yet??

      • Grandbaby still cooking, due in 6 weeks or so. Can’t wait!

      • hurray.

  2. Have patience with the tomatoes – my million green tomatoes are just starting to turn red. This weekend I’ll start to deal with the first wave..

    It has been a busy summer for you. I was just thinking that we should try planting more lettuce seed too. The last of ours bolted this week.

    • Busy, true…but a good busy.
      Thanks for tipping me off to the no blanch idea…I’ve been doing my paste tomatoes this way for years now but never tried anything else.
      One thing I like about the Rattlesnake beans is once we are sick of green beans and have plenty of dilly beans and frozen, the remainder can fatten up on the vines and make great dried beans and since they are heirlooms I can save seed 🙂

      Wishing you sun for yourselves and the ‘maters Heidi.


      • You two are “internet at its best”! Love this dialogue…

      • heehee 🙂 You’re part of that mix lovely Amy!

  3. Looks just great!

    • thanks so much!

  4. Just went over to that blogger you mentioned about the no freeze method. I am so excited. I am going to try it out this morning. so excited in fact, I posted a link to her post on facebook. Did I mention I am excited 😉 DM

    • Excitement over greenbeans, aren’t we an easy lot to please 🙂 But I DO know how you feel. Heidi has a great blog and I think you’ll enjoy poking around there. We’ll all have to compare notes once we start pulling them out and eating them. I’m planning to do at least one sack of ‘traditional’ blanched beans to have a proper comparison.

  5. I didn’t know the name “raddichio” – I have been bouncing through life grazing over it with ‘fancy lettuce’. Having taken the time to google it, I remember it’s bitter taste and now know alternative preparations.

    I can smell your garden when I look at that photo. Oh yum.

    • Oh Amy, radicchio is so yummy I’m glad you re-discovered it. I like it raw with a drizzle of raspberry vinegar S&P
      I think one reason it’s so wonderful in the garden is all the O2 from so much green so packed in.

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