Posted by: oceannah | September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, Anansi are you about?

spider web



  1. Love it! Well I don’t love spiders, at least the ones that make their way into my house :-{{…but the web is beautiful!!

    • Cindy, my daughter feels the same way…outside, ok…inside NOT!

  2. oh the webs we weave

    • Ahhh…true, let them be clean and clear like this and not the tangled ones of deceit.

  3. It’s amazing how fast they can put up intricate webs. One was between my car and a tree limb, and I’d driven the car the day before. – Kaye

    • I love to watch them building a web. Spiders actually make different types of silk for different types of ‘jobs’ the silk on a web is not the same (chemically speaking) to the silk on a ‘zip line’ for traveling from A to B. As a kid I loved the show Spiderman….and imagined myself with an awesome array of spinnerets that were capable of not only wrapping up/catching prey, but that cool travel modality…ahhhhh

  4. Wow! That’s so well made and sturdy! Ages ago, I wrote a post about watching a spider come onto the web after a rainfall and shake each strand to get the raindrops off the web. Afterall, how can one be discrete with all those pesky things hanging about?!

    • Oh Amy, that must have been an awesome thing to behold! Thank you for sharing that with me, I’ve never witnessed it, but now that you point it out, of course! It makes all the sense in the world.

  5. absolutely beautiful! have you seen the occupant?

    • not this day I did not see anyone home.

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