Posted by: oceannah | September 4, 2012


stuttgart onions Onions are ready for storage.  There’s about 80# there, it’s hard to see that by the way I got the photo, but it’s a full crate and then some.  We still have to prep the red onions…and the garlic, but we’re ticking off the chores…and had a fun weekend too 😉

Kitchen is coming along.  Going North to pick up an antique sink, a double drain farm sink woohoo!  Daughters new bed arrives tomorrow.  Goal:  Have everything finished before the snow flies…wish me luck.

Hope all’s well in your neck of the world.




  1. I didn’t know you were working on your kitchen. I can’t wait to see your sink. Beautiful onions. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous onions.

  3. I am wishing you luck
    I love onions btw

    • Thanks! I LUV LUV LUV onions…that’s why we grow so many ;0

  4. Great looking onions – I think we have the same chore list right now. Though I have to say yours are much more neatly trimmed than mine.

    • chores, yup, plenty of ’em…It’s nice having ‘company’ so to speak 😉

  5. I wish you luck, and it sounds absolutely wonderful! Maybe I’ll have courage to try onions next year. Don’t know the first thing about it. But, hey, I didn’t know anything about gardening eight months ago! -)

    • Oh Kaye, onions are so simple to grow. I use purchased sets/starts and they do fab! If you like to eat them, I’d grow some. I usually grow the things that are harder or more expensive to buy organic here. And things I use a lot of like onions/garlic/kale/broccoli.

  6. Good Luck! Those onions look great!

    • Thanks Stephanie!

  7. This must be a really busy time for you!! Looking forward to the kitchen pics!!

    • Busy, but good busy…looking forward to having it all done…I’ve lamented the kitchen for a long while wondering what to do and where to go w/ it all…not really wanting to sink a lot of coin into it since we would prefer to use our resources on more fun stuff 😉

      • Ja, but won’t the kitchen be a whole lot more fun to work in once it’s done?; )

      • Oh Deb, you have my number…that is the thing that keeps me pushing forward…the notion of how good it will all be once FINISHED 🙂

  8. All those onions AND a double drain farm sink? I am very jealous. Good for you!

  9. Absolutely beautiful onions! Those are worthy of envy!

    • Haha…onion envy there’s a new one 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment Linda.

  10. So how will you store them so they keep? Can’t wait to see pics of the new sink!! So exciting 🙂
    And lastly… when do you expect the first snow?

    • We store all the garlic, onions, winter squashes as well as canned items in the ‘squash closet’ a closet here in the office. Alas, even though it seems like A LOT of onions, we will go through them too fast. Cooking from scratch 3 meals/day makes short work of even a bounty 🙂

      • I also eat onions at almost every meal because it’s Dukan 🙂 Mmmmm

      • I know you’re a fellow onion-aholic like me 🙂 They are so darn tasty and make other things tasty too…love it!

      • Love them!!

    • We store all the garlic, onions, winter squashes as well as canned items in the ‘squash closet’ a closet here in the office. Alas, even though it seems like A LOT of onions, we will go through them too fast. Cooking from scratch 3 meals/day makes short work of even a bounty 🙂

      Snow, well I just heard a report that the snowfall this winter should be at least average for us, which will be good…last year we had only two very small snow falls. It can arrive anytime after the equinox really….one of our earliest here was on Halloween two years ago. SKIING is on the menu hopefully 🙂 dismal slope time last year.

      • Wow! So October or November. Brrrrr! I’m a Florida girl 🙂

      • Hahaha… Florida is hardly a snowy spot 🙂 I love winter Sandi. In truth, I love the variety of the 4 seasons…not sure I could be in a place that did not change much. You should come up and ski with us you’d love it!

      • Tempting 🙂

      • Geez, we’re lucky if we have enough to bother going over Christmas holidays. I hate skiing over those little frozen crud balls of…(?) Does your first snowfall actually fall on frozen ground (like, stick around; ) when it comes that early?

      • Usually the first snows are quite temporary. Last year, pretty much no snow at all. I don’t like skiing on man made snow so did not bother to ski last year other than the meager snowstorm we had for a very thin ski…

  11. Glad you got them done (in spite of the rain; ) and 80lbs? Fantastic harvest!!
    Can’t wait to see your “before & afters” and congratulations on that antique sink!: )

    • Yes Deb, we actually had them in the house for the last drying and my daughter cleaned and snipped them this weekend when the weather was warm and dry. I love the ‘new’ sink…. some carpentry will need to occur before it can be fit into its new home.

  12. What a great crop, Anna. Fun to see your excitement over the sink. 🙂

    • The excitement is good…I’ll need it to carry me through the completion of the project 😉

  13. lovely onions! lucky you. apart from the breath lol!!

    • haha well, not so bad for me as those subjected to it 😉

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