Posted by: oceannah | September 30, 2013


So I’ve had an interesting snafu with my email.  Turns out the encrypted server I was using lavabit,.com was also the server of one Edward Snowden.  As the NSA leaned on lavabit owner Ladar Levison to cough up info, Levison stood his ground.  But that left me without email.  What to do now??  I’m no fan of gmail or cloud computing to tell the truth, but there are not many small encrypted servers left.

I have set up an account and I did in fact take the time to re-route my blog information to the new email, but something must still be askew.  I’ll put in a word to the wordpress folks and hope they can help me figure out where my updates & comments are being shunted off to…  Meantime, please know I appreciate all your visits and comments!  I don’t stop in here as frequently as I’d like [to have time for] but I do check in and will respond to each comment when I do.


Autumn is in full swing here.  Our apple trees are downright fruity since we trimmed them this past winter.  The winter squashes are curing up.  Garlic is about to be sorted and then planted/stored as size dictates.  And yes…I’ve been fantasizing about tulips again.  I know this is probably a bad idea as I currently have two spike bucks as regular visitors, rather tame ones at that.  Last week I approached one and was about 8 feet from his muzzle as he lazily munched a fallen apple.  The thought of butchering a deer and the knowledge of how much work it is to make buckskin allows these young fellows to keep their skins intact…but I do have thoughts 😉

Wishing you all a blessed and joyous October!



  1. Have you thought about using one of the regular email accounts and logging on through a VPN? I use VPN Express… it’s like $4 a month.

    • Hey Sandi I know you taught me once about VPN but I confess, I don’t recall the lesson. I liked lavabit,but it’s gone and I have to move on… I’m currently using gmail but I don’t love it. What do you mean by ‘regular’ email accounts? VPN somehow I’m thinking has privacy as the “P”. BTW, how’s all with you…haven’t caught up w/ you in SO long xoxo

      • I consider gmail “regular” email. So yes, VPN is Virtual Private Network. It was the only way I could log in to my blog and Facebook from China. So, you download a VPN, I recommend VPN Express, and once it’s running, all of your business goes throu routers elsewhere in the US and Canada and your privacy and location are intact 🙂

    • So cool..
      it’s already working…just got a notification on email that you posted. Ok…feeling a bit back in the saddle.

      • oh my, I see my gravatar has gone awry now…where oh where is my broccoli???

      • 🙂

  2. Hang in there! Good to hear from you. Fall is coming, such that it is in So. Cal., too, and I’m NOT ready for my winter garden. 🙂

    • Not ready here either Kaye! Just got the garlic in but I’ve been sidelined w/ a leg injury and it’s been too long already.

      Hope all’s well w/ you.

      • I’m sorry to hear about the leg injury! Did it happen while you were training? Hope it heals soon!

  3. Anna! I have lost my email notification …no wonder I didn’t see your posts…I changed my email and am not getting notifications…We have to figure out the VPN thing before going to Dubai. Great catching up!

    • Hey Cindy…it’s funny how connected we can be one minute and then w/ the click of a mouse it all goes away! I hope you figure out the vpn thing. GOOD LUCK with you big move!!
      I just clicked follow for what must be your new blog (?) Be well!

  4. Holee Anna, I’ve been wondering about you off and on for a while now, but only just realised this morning just exactly how long that’s been!
    How are you?

    • FYI email sent earlier but…

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