Posted by: oceannah | April 29, 2013

Waking the Garden & Beltane Blessings


These wild violets up against the house are the only ones that are currently blooming. Many other clumps of violets in this small garden are further from the house and still tentative about the weather.


double daffodils

The daffs are blooming pretty abundantly all over the place. This double is one of my favorites.


organic garlic

The garlic is up and doing really great! We trialed the use of pine straw last year with good success. We’re growing a good bit less garlic this year, as storage issues seem to find us losing more than I care to.


garden bed freshly tilled

Since this picture was taken I’ve filled this bed in with a variety of greens.

It is happening.  The land is warming up and things are beginning to look more like Spring.   There are many chores to catch up on and the good news is the weather has been cooperative…in fact it looks like mud season will pass us by this year.  One can hope.

As Beltane approaches (1 May, the mid-point of the sun between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice)  traditionally a time when the ancestors would move themselves and their livestock to higher pastures where the receding snows have left nutrient rich grasses.  The would pass between double fires set as gates keepers or guardians and leave behind the heaviness of winter.  I cannot help but to feel great relief to see Old Man Winter on the run.  There will be a lovely festival, and some good cheer to go round as we celebrate.  Let us all turn our faces toward the sun in celebration of Beltane!








  1. I’m still kicking myself for not getting any garlic planted last fall. This year I will.

    I’d never heard of Beltane before.. I learned something new today. 🙂

    • So glad to share a new thing with such a wise woman Heidi. Garlic will do ok if you get some in like yesterday. Ideally it should go in around Oct. But give a few cloves a try if you can spare the space. Happy planting.

  2. “We trialed the use of pine straw last year…”
    This a mix of straw and needles? So, does garlic like acidity then? A neighbour at the farm grows garlic for market, but last year his crop got baked):
    By the weather report, we’re finally into double digits temps (50*F) both day and night. *Phew!* Happy Beltane tonight!

    • Thanks Deb Beltane was a lovely celebration.
      We use pine straw…straight pine (white pine) raked up from under the abundant trees we have here. Turns out the garlic can take some acidity but the weeds are loathe to liver there. We did rake the area over at summers end so we didn’t till in the pine.
      Glad to hear Spring is finally arriving even North of us 🙂

  3. Good to see you!

    • Why thank you very much, tis good to be seen 😉 I’m here less these days…

  4. Au revoir winter!

    • YES! It was a wee bit too long for me Shannon. Glad it’s done for now.

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