Posted by: oceannah | April 8, 2013

Crocus Pocus or, how Spring magically arrived


crocusWith deft  sleight of hand and no flick of the wrist flourish, it’s happened.  Mother Nature has quietly but gracefully flipped the silk scarf aside and there it is in plain view, SPRING….and there stand I, shaking my head in awe.

Yes, today is the first Spring-like day here in the mountains.  I am so very happy to have the sun shining and the bluest sky above.  We managed to plant 3 double rows of Stuttgart onions as well as a host of greens scattered over two twenty five foot rows:  Winter lettuce mix to which I added mache as well as one of my favorites (’cause I just love to keep saying it–and it tastes great) Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress 🙂  see, makes you smile right?   Also there is frisee, Red Sails lettuce, kales, spinach, and a short row of braising greens I mixed up myself.  Where you might ask are the peas, and rightfully so.  Alas, peas season has more or less come and gone here.  If we plant them, they will very likely not make as it is so late for them.  We usually get them in by St. Patty’s Day, but not this year with such snow!  By the time they might bear it will be too hot for the cool loving peas.

Must content ourselves with more crocus.

crocus cluster


crocus solid purple



And mea culpa… I’ve been a rather remiss blogger of late.  With all the rotten weather it just couldn’t get into writing about the garden.  I’ve also been busily working on getting leaner and hopefully adding some more lean mass gains the past 49 days.  Tomorrow is the last day of that particular challenge and it’s been a good 49 days….however, the beginning was a bit stagnant.  I hired a very respected personal trainer and have been working out with him as well as following the dietary guidelines he’s laid out.  It’s a pretty straightforward body building diet which is a big departure for me from my higher fat lower carb macros I had been following.  I will say this much:  in the past few weeks I’ve made better gains/losses than in a long time.  To wit:

beltThis is my relatively new (bought in the last six weeks) belt.  I like the green color!  Let’s just back up a step.  I am now wearing a belt!   When I purchased it the above holes were the fitting that I could use.  Today, I am down two holes and I’m very satisfied with that non-scale-victory.    Every small victory is a step closer to the finish line.  Although in truth, there is no real end.  It is a journey, and my goal overall is to enjoy it as fit and healthfully as possible.

I have a new series of goals and small challenges that I’m constructing for the coming months now that my 49 day challenge ends tomorrow… Chime in if you’d like to and share your own!  I really love hearing about how everyone is getting on.

Much love to you all…I’ve missed you bunches and with a few other things winding down (daughter’s play is finally in the production phase and will wind up this coming weekend), as well as the grand weather I should have much more to say on a more regular basis.

Pax Veris





  1. It was 75 degrees here today!!
    I’m so glad you’ve been so successful with your challenge! You are truly an inspiration!

    • Thanks Deb! Much appreciated….one trick I’ve used with your ‘help’ is enjoying the goodies on other blogs like honey’d delicacies that I consume with my eyes only 😉

      • No more cupcake recipes for me for a while!! 🙂

      • Good for you Deb. Getting ready for swimsuit season?

  2. Wow, what a great thing to have a flat stomach and extra notches on the belt. I truly admire all your hard work and determination…
    (LOVE your hardwood; )

    • Thank You Deb!
      It’s been a long time coming.
      Still a few more tweaks & shreds, but it is
      moving 🙂
      Are you all having a review of winter today too?

      • April Fool’s just keeps on giving…
        Big ice storm last night/today ’til early afternoon. Power’s been off since 08:40 Friday. Maybe back on by 11:00 today?
        Thank god for wood stoves and gas ranges. Hand balming water… Not so great):
        Wish us luck. Burnin’ batteries while I charge my phone. Gotta go, see ya!

      • haaaha, who’s the fool…methinks I stand with the pointy hat on 😉

      • P.S. I’ve been fighting a bug since Monday and, oh yeah, it’s still only Friday night (but it’s been dark for so l o n g already); Night, night…

      • Hope you are feeling better by now Deb 🙂

  3. Yay for spring!!! And Yay for the belt being looser! And yay for flower… YAY!

  4. Missed your blogs!! Glad you are back!

    • Thanks Cindy. It’s been a very busy mid-end of winter here….lots of churn and most of it good.

  5. Missed you! I see I am still following. Welcome back! – Kaye

    • thanks Kaye 🙂 Missed you too!

  6. What beautiful crocuses! Love them! 🙂

    • Thanks Karen, finally a bit like spring here!

  7. Major yaya for you!

    I wonder why your blog is not showing up in my blogreader! I thought you’d stopped blogging. Grrr blogreader.

    • Hey there Sandra!
      I can never figure out what is up w/ the blog thing…I just take it as it comes. When I want to visit a blog I usually just go there. The reader is useful when it works 😉
      Sounds like you are off to a great start with your tri season.


      • Just glad I remembered that I lost you. 🙂

      • glad to be in the found pile Sandra 🙂

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