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apple blossoms apple blossom




It is nearly the Vernal Equinox.  These apple blossoms were trimmed from our trees a couple weeks ago.  They are on my kitchen table…a promise of things to come, even if forced along.

Outside my door is another story all together.

snowy garden cart

Today we got about 8 inches of snow with a modest layer of ice.

Currently my life is a lot like these two photographs.  On the one hand the new trainer I’m working with is a bud unfurling.  Like all new things there’s much to learn.  The fact that some of these lessons have little to do with my physical body and much to do with interpersonal relationships and expectations is not lost on me.  There is great hope that many fine fruits will be harvested, however, there’s some shoveling to be done before biting into that first crispy apple.

I hope that Spring arrives quickly, fiercely even.  I am so ready to put the heft of winter to bed for another year.  How do you all feel about the changing of the seasons?  Do you live in a place that is more static seasonally than the Northeast USA, and if so, would you recommend your area as an ideal place to live?  I’m doing an informal survey regarding ‘place’ and I’d appreciate your input.   Have a wonderful day, whatever the weather.

Early wishes for a blessed Vernal Equinox/Easter/Passover/Good weather 🙂



  1. I would say that south Florida is ideal for someone like me. I don’t like the cold or snow. A visit to see it (snow) every 5 years or so suits me fine!
    I hope things warm up for you soon!

    • HA! Sandi, the older I get the more I feel your way. I DO like to ski but even this year I felt like meh, I’ve done a lot of skiing this lifetime…if I never do it again, I’d be ok w/ that so long as I replace it with a sandy beach.

      • You are always welcome to come down for some winter respite!

      • muchas gracias 🙂 It finally looks like old man winter has headed North for good here.
        So sorry we won’t have our group tri, maybe next year

      • Woo Hoo! I sure hope so… Invite stands 🙂

  2. Goodness me. More snow. I hope that your spring comes soon! In the meantime, you should go visit flamidwyfe 🙂

    • Yes Sandra that would be a great way to get out of this snow globe Sandi is in FLA 🙂

    • You could both come next winter… We can do a race mid winter at Disney 😀

      • Awesome Idea Girl! 🙂 Like a 1/2 or 10k?
        I might be ready! And two of us will be hitting the big 50. Might be another fun way to celebrate, eh?

      • Hmmmm… I think that’s an AWESOME idea!
        There are none in December (my bday is the 3rd) but there is a weekend event in November and January (which might be a better time for y’all to thaw! Here’s the January event.. they have a well organized web site… Anna… you in???

      • Yea yea yea! My friend did this last year . . . she LOVED it. Half though, right?

      • Holy cow, the 10k is already sold out, and the half is 81% sold!!!

      • Hi Sandra, I hope you have a great run 10k is pretty awesome!

      • Sold out already? Wow! So I guess we’d have to do the half… Scary! But doable. A half is 15K?

      • huh?

      • aha! Now I get what y’all are talking about…comments on comment page start w/ most recent.
        Not at all certain what is coming down the pike that far ahead. Keep me posted 😉

      • Will do 🙂

  3. We had snow again today too. While I like the start of spring, I’m not fond of the mud stage that’s coming.

    • Trust me Heidi, I’m usually with you on mud season, but this year I WELCOME it 😉

  4. snowstorm on its way here to welcome in spring. sigh. Tired of winter, not just this one, but winter, period!

    • Oh dear Joss, I so hear you. How goes the move? Are you still planning on selling the house for your big adventure?

  5. After spending the first 18 years of my life in south Texas, I wouldn’t give up seasons for anything, not even an immediate end to this long winter! Then again, we haven’t had nearly as much snow as you… 😉

    • We are doing a recon to the DE lower PA area this summer. Philly is a great city! Looking for a longer growing season and some more space…thanks.

  6. last year it was 82 degrees here on the first day of spring but it got cold again and killed a lot of the buds in orchards; this year it is 29 degrees!

    • We had a lot of blossom damage last spring also…made for a scant harvest. I guess that is the upside we need to focus on. Still a bit warmer will be nice.

      • it will get here–just taking its merry time this year

      • True enough LouAnn seems to have finally arrived 🙂

      • at least it is spring raining today and not winter snowing

      • wooooohooo!! April showers make sense LouAnn, not April s**w
        Your flowers will be so happy

  7. Happy Equinox Anna! Spent the day shovelling snow and listening to the birds whisper their sweet Spring nothings.
    This too shall pass…

    • And the same to you lovely Deb 🙂 A wee bit of sun for a day or two and it’ll all melt away!

  8. Are you guys having an unusually long winter too? Its still so cold here, last easter it was 25 C and now its still hovering around 0C. Brrr. I am so looking forward to spring, I think everyone is going to appreciate it this year!!

    • We had an extended winter Shannon. BTW CONGRATULATIONS on setting your date!! 7Dec will ROCK your world 🙂

  9. Yes, come on Spring!!! Where did my spring go? Just today it sprinkled/sleet/snow/sun at the same time. “I just want the warm :)”

    • Well…it is finally here today, I hope the same is true for you!

      • Yes!!!! And I am happy 🙂

      • Hurray for happiness 😀

      • 🙂

  10. I won’t comment on weather, Anna – I’m so grateful for our climate. But who knows how it will end up.

    I’d like to mention the gardening idea on Joss’s recent post. I wonder what you would have to say about it.

    You are my gardener guru, you know! 🙂

    • Aw Amy that is so sweet…I’ve been a remiss blogger of late very busy stuff here about. I’d love to hop over to your blog and Joss’. Hopefully I can catch up a bit with everyone today/tomorrow.

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