Posted by: oceannah | February 25, 2013

“tell me a story about when you were little” aka keep walking

My daughter has no natural desire to walk four miles per day with the doggie she SO much wanted and was going to do all the chores for, pleeeeeeease mama!

All the adult reasoning in the world (plus an ipod) can hardly even make it a mildly attractive proposition…until last week.  My daughter said to me, “Mama tell me a story about when you were little.”  I’ve had this question before and I’ve certainly spun a few yarns but I’d never done an hour long monologue while walking.  But it worked.  Before we both knew it the hour had passed, the pup had pooped, and the brutal wind seemed less bitter.

Sometimes it’s hard to think up a story on the spot.  So I’ve used this ploy:  A good story has to bubble up, be patient…I can get maybe a 1/4 mile outta that one.

Telling tales of long ago days when I was a kid has had an interesting effect on me.  From this far away, my youth seems much less difficult than the actual experience.  Of course I do some serious editing while on the fly, I do not reveal all, just yet…she is still young, there’s plenty of time 😉  I’m mostly keeping to the time period of between 8-13.

While her early education was pretty much all just one big ‘story’ this new twist is exciting.  We used to play a round robin story telling game where one person makes a couple of statements then passes the story along to the next person.  In this way she learned early on to tell a story.  In a culture so consumed by digital media, I think it’s more important than ever to learn the simple art of story telling.  If that’s what it takes to keep her moving, I’m in.

Onward we’ll walk and talk.




  1. What a lovely way to pass the time

    • thanks Dallas it does make the time fly, even for me 🙂

  2. Passing stories down. The thread that holds our families together xoxo

    • It is an interesting way to pass the time and she is loving the tales. Thanks Sandi xo

  3. Cherished moments together…and memories.

    • Yes, it seems to be so, let’s see how long we can keep this up 🙂

  4. some of my children’s most precious memories are of times when their Dad or I lay down beside them and told a story. I remember a series about a kitten name Yogurt!

  5. *Like* button not working! I love asking my mum and granny for stories when they were little! It was such a different world back then.

  6. Yikes….found this in my inbox…slow in responding….Story telling is such an important part of life. My kids have loved the stories from our life…my husband has colorful stories, like when he took the lint roller to the flocked wall paper in his parents dining room, ripped the paper right off the wall…LOL What a lovely thing to share with your daughter.

  7. I deeply value the many bedtime stories I told my boys. Trying to get them to continue hiking (when I used to hike 😦 ) I would use the “count how many animals/flowers you can find” tactic, but the best is when I can get them to talk to me, as I’m usually winded anyway, haha. Great post! – Kaye

    • Thank you Kaye, it is wonderful to share the stories that create who we are for our children. And what’s up with that ‘used to hike’ ?? I know you are blooming into a trued gardening maven but take some time out and enjoy that beautiful scenery you have 😉

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