Posted by: oceannah | January 29, 2013

One of those days….

…turned into one of those weeks.

It’s been a while since our ski trip and so much has happened.  My first load of laundry on return ended up being the death knell for my washing machine.  We bought a new one a “high efficiency” model that saves water and energy both good…installed it and ran a load.  NO LIKEY.  I’m a pretty committed environmentalist, and we pump our own water so it seemed like such a good idea, but it was not.  Installed 11am, first load 12pm, returned to Sears 5pm!

The main problems were that the machine determines (via electronic sensors) the weight of the laundry then the amount of water…leaving the laundress out of the loop. Also the lid locks and adding a single item more to the load is a no-no.  The spin cycle is incredibly forceful and did in fact wring the clothes nearly dry, but at the cost of making them SO wrinkled that I would in fact have to iron all of my husbands work clothes—NOT happening.

We did find a new machine in the end after some rigorous looking that has 1) an agitator, 2) is energy star rated 3) allows the operator to be in charge of the laundry, not a sensor….GE model 2800 in case you’re wondering.  Old school, basic and my kinda machine.

Needless to say, I was buried in dirty laundry.  I took a trip to the laundry mat and did one large load in one of their biggie machines to save time and that went well.  Except for the fact that I’ve also been dealing with this crummy cold.  Which has been dogging me all week in spite of my dousing myself in herbs, drinking lots of fluids and attempting to maintain my inner balance.

There were other hiccups in the week, dealing w/ an old hospital bill that was mis-coded (lord gimme strength)…I do get tired of doing other folks jobs for them…particularly when they get paid to do their own job 😉

To be fair, nothing that happened was earth shattering, just annoying.  In an effort to add some balance I’ll share some good things that also happened.

Friday I took a ski lesson with an awesome instructor and learned a few things that I’d never known.  I ended the day skiing the diamond run at the (admittedly tiny) local ski slope.  And yesterday was my 1/2 birthday 🙂  I’m T minus 179 days away from being 50!  I’ve reformulated some goals for physical/mental and spiritual growth in the coming months and have begun implementing them already.

I’ll share a post on each in the coming weeks as time permits…one of the aspects of my goals is in fact managing my screen time….  I can’t even believe I said that 🙂  But with this blog, and the online fitness community I belong to as well as 2 groups I now participate in I feel like I am spending WAY too much time in front of a computer.  Although it is fun and provides me with nice connections, it is not really sustainable once the spring work begins.  My main strategy will be to use the computer while I am at the college waiting for my daughter.  As a 13 y/o attending the local college I do not just drop her off, I remain on campus.  Let’s see how well this works out for me.

I’m also nearing one year of blogging here on wordpress.  What began as an online diary of weight loss has morphed into a whole different beast altogether….I like what it has become, sharing the homesteading life of a rural homeschooling mama and all, but I will probably be moving closer to a once or twice weekly post that has more substance per post.   This has already happened more or less by default.  I love the folks I’ve met here in Bloggovania 🙂

So that’s what one of those days has become…Good to hear from you all and I look forward to gettin’ round to visit each of you as you blog about what you find interesting.



  1. Congrats on one year of blogging. I just finished my 3rd year and can’t believe it has been that long

    • Thank you! I’m not quite at the year mark…need to get around to finding that first post and all…but it’s getting close.

  2. I’m an old fashioned girl myself… the new fangled machines baffle me! I’m happy to see an update. I’ve had a crazy busy month, as well… hoping to get a post out in the next day or two! Sending hugs and healing for that silly cold you are dodging!!! Get well xoxo

    • Thanks Sandi, cold finally in the tank (mostly at least) and looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

      • I got your cold 😦
        Day 2 of the crud and I’m flying to Australia on Friday… praying its gone by then!

      • heal up Sandi 🙂

  3. Oh must be an epidemic…my 10 year old washing machine gave out…and with our upcoming move and replacing the septic tank pump, we were not wanting to buy another…lucky for us our son and daughter in law have been storing theirs here, and won’t need it the rest of the year…so we are using it…It is a fancy one…front load, uses less water…
    Glad to hear from you !!

    • Happy to hear that your washing machine woes were worked out simply Cindy.

  4. it is good that you try to balance the annoyances with the good stuff–sometimes not an easy thing to do – my washing machine better not give out or I will end up doing my laundry at the river (or Lake Erie)

    • Well LouAnn I can say that I’ve done a fair amount of wash with an old ‘ringer’ and it does come out clean and well wrung, but at this point in my life (still actively homeschooling and raising 13 yo) that kind of time commitment to wash is not happening….the one big killer for the HE was that the clothing is SO wrinkled. I am not a woman who irons 😉

      • so you don’t want my iron–I use it about twice a year

      • Nope, but thanks anyhow LouAnn…iron for me is at the gym 😉

      • best place for it

      • INDEED!

  5. Man, I really identify with you about computer time. I had to change priorities every year since I began blogging. Now, I walk nearly every day, do aquafit 3x week and enjoy social time with friends, but I had to pull in my reins to meet this desired discipline.

    I feel soooo much better spending less time with electronics.

    I’m sounding like an old **** , BUT it’s not necessary to have electronics do our thinking for us. Please, world, everything does not have to be improved every other week and I can make decisions for myself.

    I loved seeing an “old fashioned” hand set now being produced which is plugged into cell phone! Bwwaaahhhaa.

    • (((Amy)))
      It’s true we all end up spending too much time in front of screens. I’ve not seen the ‘new’ handset, sheesh…as a person without a cell phone though, I’m not surprised. What it looks like to me is buy cell phone, then spend untold $$ on all the gizmos for the cell phone.

  6. When my 20 year-old Maytag had to be replaced, I looked all over at new models, and repairmen frankly told me, the new stuff is nowhere near as good as the old stuff, SO, I wound up buying a 15 year-old Maytag washer and dryer set from a guy who refurbs them off Craig’s List. Simple to use, and effective, and half the price of new. 🙂 – Kaye

    • fantastic idea Kaye, refurbished is a great way to get a good machine 🙂

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