Posted by: oceannah | December 11, 2012

What’s Up Doc?

organic carrotsRemember that experiment we did in the garden this summer… The one in which my husband broadcast the carrot seed across two wide reach 25 foot beds?  We have finally come up with the proper way to categorize this method.  Three times the work for ten times the carrots!  In the beginning they need to be weeded very meticulously, but after a bit they do just fine, not so fussy.

After sharing out two bags with friends, I put these six bags in the fridge for storage.  I’ve still got a 5 gallon bucket full of carrots that need rinsing as well.  All together the yield is about 70 pounds of carrots from this late seeding.  They are sweet and juicy without any hard center cores.  Very nice.  The variety is called Little Finger (hybrid), and is supposed to be harvested as baby carrots.  We found last year that letting them size up they were a very good flavor and more carrots that also store well.

All that is left now is a small section of the second bed, about 8 or so feet and we are experimenting with mulching them over and seeing how that goes.  Although I must say, the weather is SO mild that I’m not sure we have to be too concerned with deep freezing any time soon.

How goes your harvest?  Any great carrot recipes that are wheat free?




  1. So when he scattered, did he cover over the seeds or rake them in lightly or just throw out the seeds and water?

    • Kaye he broadcast them like sprinkling salt then lightly covered with sifted soil (rock free). I was a skeptic, but no more 😉

  2. If you need to get rid of any, I know a couple of golden retrievers who just LOVE them 🙂

    • Oh Audrey would that we were neighbors 🙂
      My pup won’t touch carrots for some reason. Do the Goldens like them raw or cooked?

      • Raw or cooked. They LOVE pumpkin, squash, apples (no seeds!) and oranges too. I’m pretty sure they are healthier than me!

  3. Hey Anna, Was just thinking of you earlier (probably right around the time you were writing this post; ) SO glad to hear from you! And such vibrant carrots – so absolutely gorgeous they’re guaranteed to brighten even the gloomiest harvest day. Congratulations on finding (and sharing) such a successful planting strategy!

    • Hey Deb, we’re on the same wavelength 😉 Glad to hear from you too. This method was highly successful and I’m always happy to share.

  4. my recipe for carrots – dip them raw in ranch dressing–I am such a gourment cook!

    • LouAnn…I like your simplicity…that’s how my girl likes them best.

      • LOL! Hey, that’s my favourite – only with Blue Cheese, Tabasco and Buffalo wings; )
        Look out, soundtrack alert! Robert Palmer’s “Some Like It Hot!” Oops, I stand corrected, Robert Palmer with Power Station (I miss the 80’s):
        P.S. The crunchier, the better for our two Labs; )

      • 🙂 🙂 way yummy Deb!

  5. Lots of carrots!!! Mmmm 🙂

    • carrot bounty 🙂
      It’s like a little burst of sunshine every time we eat one.

  6. I probably should eat more carrots…sometimes the store bought ones taste like soap…not a fan!

    • Oh my soapy carrots, that sounds dreadful Cindy. This variety is really yummy.
      While you’re in training for your marathon though you might add a few here and there for that good for the body Vit A!

  7. Yumsy, you could make some creamy carrot soup!

    • thanks Shannon…I like it with some coconut milk and curry to give it a little sumtin’ 😉

      • Ooo, yah man! (Nuttin’ like a little touch of de islands when de weather she damp an col’; ). Maybe a touch of lemongrass too, hey? (and don’t say it’s not local, ’cause I’ve got some growin’ right here in a pot on my kitchen windowsill: )

      • YUM! lemongrass…I have a fave Thai place that makes an awesome soup I’ve yet to replicate with a clear broth and shrimp & veg with slivers of lemongrass…SO delish.
        Merry Christmas to you Deb!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far.

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