Posted by: oceannah | November 30, 2012

Anti-Freeze Eye Cream?

I have a great dermatologist.  I really like her.  This month I saw her for my annual once over.  There were three areas of concern that I pointed out to her.  No surprise that biopsy revealed pre-cancerous cells without clear margins.  No biggie really, just a bit of liquid Nitrogen and off I go.

But since I was in the company of a lovely young professional who’s specialty is skin, I though it would be a great opportunity to ask a few questions about aging skin:  1) What’s your best advice for overall basic face cream to even skin tone and possibly diminish the newly appearing fine lines?

Doc:  Retinol cream, I can write you a ‘script, but it won’t be covered by insurance.  OH, and don’t use it around the eye are!

anna:  Hmmm, well that’s exactly the area of concern, what else do you think could work?

Doc:  I have a special OTC eye cream that works fantastic!  Kinerase, you can get it at Ulta.

anna:  Ulta?

Doc: Yes, they sell cosmetics and such…

anna:  Oh, who knew?

Last night on a trip to the city that holds not only *gak* the mall, but Ulta, I ventured in for the first time.  I pulled my little scrap of paper from my wallet with the rather legible writing of the doctor, and was whisked off to an aisle mid-store.  “This is a fantastic product” gushed the heavily gussied up gal.  My response was to receive the bottle from her hands then reach past her for the boxed version with the ingredients.  There on the side of the box in plain English I read the first two ingredients.  Water, ok…good old H2O.  Next ingredient, Propylene glycol.  Say what??  Isn’t that what I put in the car in the winter to keep it from freezing up?  Yup.  Isn’t that the toxic chemical those of us with livestock or pets are warned to not let our critters eat?  Yup.  Hmmm.  I’ll admit, the price tag on this item was high.  Even so, I was not deterred.  But anti-freeze?!  A woman needs to draw the line somewhere, and those on my face will have to remain if this be the “best” solution.

On my shelf at home I already possess a wonderfully natural rose scented eye cream from Weleda, a company whose products I feel good about using.  Do any of you have a natural favorite/effective cream?

Just another quick point, I have also found propylene glycol in all commercially produced coconut flakes, shreds, etc.  It is not found in organic coconut though.



  1. How scary….yikes! I guess it may help with the wrinkles, but what in the world is it doing to the rest of our body???

  2. Wow, I hope that’s it for your sun bumps.
    But Propylene Glycol, really? What, are they using it as a preservative now, or something? Or is that just how it “works”? (You know, like when they say someone’s well preserved?; )
    But seriously though, when I was a kid the dermatologist told me NEVER wash your face with a cloth, just use your hands. Rinse well with tepid water, but don’t use a towel – let your skin air dry – applying moisturiser while your skin’s still damp, so it can trap moisture underneath. Now that I’m older, especially now when the air’s so dry, I find a little lotion spread on with moistened hands feels so wonderfully soothing.

    • Good advice Deb! My hubby and I got a big kick out of a stop to the local store after that incident. There was a gallon of “prestone- antifreeze” and we joked about how much younger we could both ‘appear’ if we bought a few gallons and added it to the bath 😉 NOT!

  3. Scary! So important to read the ingredients. The dermatologist in Abu Dhabi has the same product and I turned it down for the same reason xo

    • HAhaha…my sistah!! I don’t know what I was thinking…I mean I like this derm.doc. she’s young and seems pretty hip, but alas, also pretty conventional.

  4. I have been reading some great things lately on a blog called Paleo Secret…
    two articles: Looking at all the labels on all my personal care products…scary!!!

    • OY! Cindy thanks for the links. I do like to be very mindful of all body products. Once upon a time I made many of my own but the time constraints of my current busy life leave little time for those simpler days 😉

  5. Anna since my daughter works for a major cosmetic retailer and she has helped me erase a lot of damage I have done over the years and helped plump up other areas I have never even dared to ask what are in all of those alluring cylindrical containers…..only hoping, no dreaming that somehow these magic potions will help my skin/face defy the aging process….but now my dear smart clever Science Friend Anna you have me thinking about this. As a thyroid cancer survivor I have to be smart about things……thanks for the post!

    • Karen, I hope you find a brand that works for you. I’m a stickler for as natural as possible. Two brands I really like are Weleda and Aubrey’s. My personal vanity can’t trump my values for good clean products.
      Best of luck.

  6. I’m visiting from Change My Body, Change My Life’s nomination of your blog for the Liebster Award. Congratulations!

    I’m also a stickler for healthy choices to put in, on or around my body. I guess not all of us are though, so that’s likely why there are so many unhealthy choices to weed through first. Here is a link to the skin cream I use around my eyes as well as other areas:

    Click to access TDS_Citrus_Silk_111710.pdf

    Citrus Silk is so healthy that you could ingest it…and I have. A drop on a piece of dark chocolate is yummy! Plus, it works! The lines around my eyes have diminished considerably.

    I don’t know how it would work as an anti-freeze though. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for this I really appreciate finding new and clean products. I’m happy you stopped by the homestead 🙂

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