Posted by: oceannah | November 27, 2012


lily pod with snow cap



"frozen" broccoli



oliver brrrrrussels sprouts





Enjoy!  *anna











  1. What a lovely bit of fluff! We’ve had our first bits starting overnight Friday/Saturday am and a bit almost every day since. Not much frost yet, so no accumulation.
    So, guessing you’re either all “Brassica’d out”, there’s been no killing frost/hard freeze or will these guys be resprouting come spring?
    Is that last shot of Rosemary? Is she hardy where you are then? Hmm, maybe I should do a little experimentation, if that’s the case.

    • I think that what really happened was that I missed that one broccoli Deb. But it’s gone for now. Depending on the severity of winter or if we get a nice warming layer of snow, some plants do indeed re-sprout for super early spring. I also seed out Mache for just such early greens. I’ll keep an eye on this broccoli though and keep you posted. Unfortunately Rosemary is mostly, not winter hardy here, but with global warming, all bets are off ;). I harvested A LOT of it during the summer. If you want to try to keep Rosemary going all winter it would be good to put some straw/hay over it….or that lovely layer of insulating snow 🙂

  2. Loved your pics but not really looking forward to the snow forecast for the weekend. Winter has indeed arrived

    • Did you end up getting the snow? The winter weather here has been utterly kooky. Today it is about 58 degrees F!!

  3. The world begins another round of transformation and renewal. We are still having such warm temps…have hardly made a dent in the wood pile. I hope it does get cold enough to manage the natural control of pesky insects.

    • Amen to an annual deep freezing cleanse: )

      • Here here!

    • Yes Amy, that is a great point. Glad your wood pile is only lightly dented thus far. So far w/ the Hurricane Sandy, we have put a medium sized dent in our wood pile.

      • Oh, Anna, I sure hope you didn’t have to lose tons of frozen food.

        Did you have much damage? I’m so glad you weren’t alone.

      • No losses thankfully Amy, we had gotten some dry ice and that was all good.

  4. Love these pictures!!! Especially the broccoli! Wish we would get some snow!! I LOVE snow!!

    • Cindy, I wouldn’t so much say I LOVE it, I do like it well enough and have always lived in this climate, I enjoy skiing, and sledding, and ice skating, but at the heart of me is a beach gal…I’ve made friends w/ the snow and find ways to enjoy it. I do think that if/when the option arises I’d be content w/ a warmer more beach-centric life 😉

  5. Snow. What a concept! We usually go to Park City for Christmas and get in a little skiing, but, not this year. Doubt I will see a single flake. Enjoy! – Kaye

    • Kaye, I’ll tell you what, snow has it’s advantages…ie: it kills a lot of bugs. I remember the year I lived in the Big Easy and the GIGANTIC bugs they have there!!

  6. yay, cant believe its snowing there! they say it is going to be the coldest winter here in the UK for over 100 years (or 200 depending on who you listen to)

    • Yes Shannon, pretty scary indeed. I hope you are staying warm over there 😉

  7. Found your blog and am following 🙂

    • Hey there Julie…welcome aboard 🙂 So glad to see you ‘here’

  8. Beautiful.

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