Posted by: oceannah | November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Hike


bear mt hikeLast year we began a tradition with friends that put an end to the sloth and gluttony of Thanksgiving Day.  We did the same this year.  Packing up the fixings for an al fresco Thanksgiving atop a beautiful mountain.  The weather was unseasonally warm with clear skies.  We hiked all day and had a most memorable time.

happy hikers




sunset on the mountain


As the sun was heading down in the west, we were heading down the mountain.  Bellies full but not stuffed and in the company of beloved friends.  This re-created holiday tradition has been a wonderful antidote to the old tradition.  How did the holiday treat you and yours this year?  May we carry the thankfulness of the day with us going forward into the coming season.




  1. What an awesome tradition! Sounds like you had a great time!

    • It was a lot of fun…would be right up your alley my friend 🙂

  2. What a great tradition…as we drove 84 toward Pennsylvania, I was looking at the Catskills and telling my husband that you live somewhere up there!!

    • Oh Cindy where were you headed…back to the Pocono Mts? I hope you had a great trip that area holds many dear memories for me both of gardens and hikes!

  3. Hey Anna, what a marvellous idea; and good thing about the incredible weather (ours finally turned early Saturday am.) But, omg these shots bear an uncanny resemblance (with only a slight decrease of incline; ) to where we pitched a tent when I was a kid. I can still smell the sun-baked lichen and pine sap in the blink of an eye. (Thanks for sharing: )

    • How wonderful the olfactory sense is for drawing us right back to a particular moment!! Glad to hear you have fond memories of tenting out 🙂 It’s a gorgeous area and it was not impacted by Hurricane Sandy very much which was a pleasant surprise. One thing I love about the higher elevations is the FIRS!!! We kept stopping and sniffing the wonderful balsam and even found some downed branches that we brought home as scent reminders 😉

      • Yummy smells! Hmm, time for a little wreath making perhaps? It’s just a little over three weeks ’til the Solstice: )
        Hey, that’s an awesome thought – day length starts to increase again soon – hooray!!!

      • Deb what a funny 🙂 we really are so similar…just last night I was counting the days til Solstice and the return of the SUN. With all the downed pines here I’ll mix the balsam and pine for a splendid wreath, hopefully this week. oxo

      • LOL! I HATE it when the leaves drop, the weather turns gloomy and then on top of it all, they put the clocks back so it seems like we get even less daylight): Maybe it didn’t seem quite so bad this year because the clocks weren’t changed until after Hallowe’en?
        But, no matter what else is going on, everything just seems so much better once you know days are getting longer again: )

  4. What a wonderful idea…in the true spirit of thanks giving!

    • It was time to make some new traditions that would inspire us and keep us healthy 🙂

  5. This sounds wonderful! Being outnumbered in a family of three males, the focus on Thanksgiving Day is watching football (ugh). I can’t see the appeal of a sport where pulling or knocking someone to the ground, over and over and over, for several hours is the main activity. Anyway, since it was our first Thanksgiving to all be here together in four years, I set my grumble aside, baked a small organic turkey, simple brown grown-in California organic rice, cranberry sauce (unfortunately, had to use non-organic as it was a last-minute thought) and steamed organic broccoli. I made gravy which was delish. We had pies from the bakery, so not organic, unfortunately. It takes a little more planning than I did to get to the health food store for everything in advance. But, it was nice to have Walker here. Maybe I’ll try a hike next year. 🙂 – Kaye

    • Kaye your feast sounds spectacular!! What a treat to have everyone together 🙂 I’m sure they all enjoyed the fine food and company. YUM.

  6. what a fab tradition, think I prefer this to the traditional sit down meal

    • We sure like it 🙂

  7. Now that is my kind of Thanksgiving! What a great idea. I joined friends in a potluck where I introduced them to a Raw Kale, Quinoa, Cranberry dish that motivated many requests for the recipe. I love sharing easy ideas for healthy food. An that dish would manage a hike very well!

    • Way to spread the healthy Thanksgiving eats Amy! It sounds like a terrific recipe, although anything w/ kale in it is already on the top of my list!

  8. What an amazing idea!

    • It’s become a fun tradition Amy, thanks for stopping in 😉

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