Posted by: oceannah | November 15, 2012

US Botanic Garden


bromeliad us botanic gardenThis little beauty is part of the display at the US Botanic Garden, part of the Conservatory exhibit.  It’s a Bromeliad in full bloom.  The USBG is a wonderful place to visit during the holiday season.  There are  trains winding around the East Gallery with really cute little fairy dwellings tucked in all around.  One of my favorite things can be found in the Garden Court.  There you’ll find an astonishing display of landmark buildings from the Capitol.

US Botanic Garden

These buildings are constructed entirelyof plant materials.  It’s a lot of fun to attempt to identify what the bits and pieces are, “Oh, look!  a star anise, and a cinnamon stick” said our daughter.  They really are remarkable.  This one above is the Library of Congress.

US Botanic Garden2

This is a model of the US Supreme Court surrounded by a bevy of poinsettia.  The US Botanic Garden also has an enormous and beautifully decorated tree, which makes for nice Christmas pictures 😉  I always love visiting any time I am in DC or the surrounding area, but during the holiday season it is a particular treat with all the splendor of the holidays.  It’s a simple way to tour the world and get a hearty dose of well scented clean air!  From the jungle room to the Jurassic themed ferny landscape as well as the world deserts and the medicinal collections (one of my favorites) it is a terrific way to spend an afternoon.

Can you tell I’m already missing the colors and fragrances of summer?  Although there is beauty in the stark landscape here, I’m waiting patiently for some snow to make the world sparkly and bright.

wishing you all a colorful weekend




  1. Those are very cool!

    • 🙂 glad you like them…they are very accurate replicas.

  2. It must be a trully unique place. Very nice post. Thanks

    • I hope you’ll see for yourself one day…it is lovely

  3. are those white poinsettias too? i wanted red at my wedding next year, but a mixture would look good too!!

    • Yes, they are white poinsettia! They come in all colors including pink and varigated…I think that a mix would look great shannon.

      • Ohh thanks! I will have a look out where you can get them this year so I know for next year!

      • Yay! Shannon your pictures will be beautiful 🙂

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