Posted by: oceannah | November 15, 2012

Stan, Beware — Tide wants to remove you!


Beware Stan, Tide has got it in for you!! This is a screen shot from tonight’s MFP look at the  black oval with red rays…I do believe that’s supposed to say stain…woopsie. 

While I was logging my calories I happened to notice that the annoying ad was even more annoying than usual.  Were the folks at Tide/Target too cheap to hire a copy editor?  Or have they created a malicious/miraculous  new product that will in fact remove Stan from your life?

I see this kind of error everywhere.  Most times I just shake my head.  Recently we passed a sign in our area for “Kiln Dryed Wood.”  I’m not a pedant…mostly.  The hand wrought sign of a local wood cutter is one thing, a national advertising campaign for all the world wide web to see, is quite another story in my opinion.  Still in all it made me chuckle.



  1. Knowing how ad agencies pour over and over and over their ads before they are released, this is pretty incredible. – Kaye

    • one would think…it seemed pretty glaring to me

  2. Yup, you’ve just been introduced to Tide’s new mascot, “Stan” the stain; ) Though, i must admit that I’ve missed the occasional Oopsie when doing cut and paste – or just not noticed one of those annoying “convenience” correc(assump)tions…

    • LOL! Or not been corrected (all “i”s being equal; )

  3. Too funny!!

    • I know right? Thanks Cindy.

  4. It seems, lately, if spell checker does not alert us to an error, then it is missed. Unfortunately for Tide…and Stan.

    • I hear ya! The problem with spell check in this case is that Stan and stain are both ‘words’ and the computer can’t differentiate usage.

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