Posted by: oceannah | November 7, 2012

wordless wednesday


obama victory





  1. Awesome!

    • thanks so much

  2. Love the photo, something we all saw, but you captured the moment. Let us hope “The Party of No” faces the reality of the changing electorate, and becomes cooperative, so the President’s goal of bringing the country together can be more closely met than the last four years.

    • Thanks Kaye! The country is changing and time to change with the times or left behind…

  3. All I can say is everyone up here north of the 49th parallel breathed a collective sigh of relief! Phewph!

    • I’ll second that emotion.

    • One massive sigh heard! I actually heard some far right pundits on the radio this am discussing the ‘fact’ that this election does not mean their far right policies are un appetizing to most Americans, rather that they have not actually been heard, and having a candidate that was TOO MODERATE (ie Mitt) was the big mistake. Really?! Well if that’s the case the 2012 midterms should be fun.

      • Why can’t people just play nice? (Didn’t their mothers teach them to share?; )

      • oh so true Deb…sad but true

  4. 😀

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