Posted by: oceannah | November 6, 2012

Tuesday ramble

trees solidly in the ground

I prefer this image of trees solidly rooted in the ground. The ones I took of those that were toppled, leaned or pulled out of the ground are too sad methinks…
image from 123RF/stock

Still waiting for phone to be reconnected.  Mostly life is getting back to the pre storm mode….not I did not say normal.

Finally back to the gym yesterday for arms/abs/back work.  Pullups are getting better!  I did three sets of 10/9/7 (this is with assist).  Did cardio on the bike since the ankle is still touchy.  I did have an x-ray to rule out fracture as I was not feeling like it was healing as it should have, although hauling trees probably did not lend itself much to healing 😉

Today is a long day at the college with my girl.  Sunny cool day with crunchy hard frosted grass underfoot this morning as I opened the barn door for the chickens.  Election day here in the States.  From the sound of the radio turnout should be very good.

I forgot to upload the pictures of the trees onto this computer before I left the house this morning….and upon reflecting that, not sure I will share them.  It came to mind that sharing pictures of the dead is no real honor.  Suffice to say, it is tragic.  The new light patterns on the homestead will take some adjustment.

Tuesday blessings to you all….



  1. I am glad to know that things are slowly being restored after the storm. Blessings to you too Anna. Hugs, Sharon

  2. I’m sorry the storm took its toll, happy to hear things are recovering.

  3. I’m sorry thatbthebtrees are gone, but maybe the new light pattern will renew energy in some parts of the homestead 🙂
    Hope you’re weathering the nor’easter without problems xoxo

  4. We asked the children to count downed trees on the way to a friend’s house (a half hour drive). They gave up after a while. The numbers got too big. They said it was too sad.

    • SO SO Sad…

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