Posted by: oceannah | November 4, 2012

Brother Wind has spoken

Hello everyone here’s a rather quick update and check-in.  Thank you all for the well wishes and good vibes it really is a lovely community here in blogovannia.  Listening to the wind was the high point of the storm.  Watching the first tree succumb was fascinating and horrible at once.  A large pine tree of about 85 feet tall was blowing wildly in the wind.  We were perched in the opening of the french doors in my bedroom when suddenly the tree began to lean.  I was shocked that it literally laid down and for a split second I was not sure what I was seeing.  Then the tree began to rise and when it hit about 40 degrees it snapped in two about 15 feet in the air with a sickening smack.  It all happened so quickly.  I’ve never seen such a thing in my life.  I’ve seen trees yanked out by the roots, cleaved in two, or just burst apart but I have never seen one bend to the earth so gracefully then rebound with such grotesque fury.  In total we lost 7 or 8 big trees, mostly pines with one each ash and maple.

Our power was restored about two hours ago.  Phone lines will probably be repaired by Wednesday.

Boy Howdy are we ever glad we parked the cars in the field next door!  A large pine tree was the second tree to fall and don’t you know, right in the driveway, yanking out the electric and phone service lines, which had already gone dark.

No damage to the people or animals here.  Nor to the house/cars/barn/fencing, a very good start.  We managed to keep the barn freezer well below zero with the pre-frozen ice buckets and a couple pounds of dry ice which is a wonderful thing, since we have a lot of meat in there.  A great many people in our area were much less fortunate and the city is a mess still.

It’s wonderfully satisfying to have weathered the storm.  Having the ability to stay on the farm and being self sufficient even without being connected to the power lines is really worthwhile.  We never did ‘without’ anything more than electric light and computer and aside from hauling A LOT of trees/limbs/wood things at home were pretty regular.  A friend stopped by today and said they had been staying in a hotel!!  I wish I had known we surely could have made space for them.  Even the cell phones did not work here for the first two days.

Thanks again to you all for the kind and thoughtful comments.  I hope those of you who had a visit from Sandy are all well and getting things back on track too.



  1. So glad you guys weathered the storm and so good to hear from you!!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you fared ok, though its a shame you lost so many trees. The storm had petered out by the time it reached us – we had high winds and will need a new roof – shingles blew off, but the insurance will take care of that.

    • Yay for insurance Heidi. Glad to hear you are all well there.

  3. Hey Anna, SO glad to hear all is well; been thinking about y’all alot (but wasn’t worried… is that weird?) Take care! Hugs, D.

    • Thanks Deb. not worried but connected, great way to go 🙂

  4. Oh, Anna, thank you for writing so quickly. This is such great news that you are all okay. Thankfully those beautiful trees didn’t fall on anything in a destructive way. You have been in my mind and heart…you are a very special person to me. I missed you and your wisdom lots.

    You are one level-headed individual! It goes a long way! Big hug.

    • Thanks Amy, that is so kind. It’s interesting to me this connection we have here in the cyber reality….it’s more real than some of the in person connections on a day to day basis…strange but true.

      • Maybe, Anna, it’s gently helping us relinquish the importance of the physical. If the essence is there, why do we think the physical makes it more real. Perhaps that is the illusion we hear so much about?

      • true enough, and aren’t we glad for the helping hand. spiritus sanctus….not an illusion 🙂

  5. It’s is most comforting to read your post and know you are snug in your place. And the chickens and animals, they must have been scared. How long did it last anyway? – Kaye

    • snug as the proverbial bug in a rug 🙂 Truthfully I don’t think the critters have the same ‘scared’ sense that we feel, it’s a pretty pre-frontal emotion I’d guess…but I do think they respond/feel the shifting energies as much or more than the two leggeds do…or at least most.
      The actual storm lasted about 30 hours but the wind event was relatively brief…a few hours but, I wasn’t watching the clock…so not certain

  6. Glad to hear all is well!

    • that makes two of us Amy…

  7. Hello, glad to hear not too much damage. hope you get back on track soon 🙂

    • Getting there Shannon…thanks.

  8. Glad to hear you are safe! You were in my prayers when I saw the track of the storm…my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in Midtown they lost power for a short bit, and were near the crane that was toppling…we had some shingles blow off the roof…that is in need of replacing…that is it…good thing as my husband was in India…glad you have power back!!

    • Wow, Cindy I hear the city was a total mess. By compare we were living luxe. Glad to hear you all were spared the brunt of Sandy.

  9. glad you are safe– quite a story about the tree – I would have been frightened to death —

    • Perhaps I’m not clever enough to be have been frightened LouAnn 😉
      it was quite remarkable. Thanks for popping in.

      • clever had nothing to do with it young lady–glad you watched in amazement and not fright

      • hahah that ‘young’ part just made my day LouAnn…thanks 🙂

      • I’ve suddenly got a visual: all of these invisible strands – like a spiderweb’s anchors – with you and your dear ones connected, supported, enveloped…

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