Posted by: oceannah | October 29, 2012

stormy weather

A brief update from the homestead.

Sandy is on the way and we are appropriately hunkered down.  4 buckets 5gallons each in the big freezer and sufficient ice in the house freezer.  Flush/wash water bucketed with lids, and 20 gallons of drinking water.  Usually I fill the big claw foot tub with water but our well pump dropped dead yesterday…long story involving a mouse 😦  dreaded rodents.

Plenty of wood, LP gas for cooking and no end of food so if Sandy should be a ‘big deal’ we are as ready as can be.

Hoping everyone in the path of Sandy is doing well and prepared.  It was a very busy weekend and now it is time for bed.  Be well stay safe!



  1. I will be thinking of all my east coast friends and hope all are spared the wrath of this storm. Great getting yourself so prepared, Anna! You are a model of inspiration. Let us have an update! – Kaye

    • update done kaye, thank you for your concern and care.

  2. Much protective energy and prayer my friend. Stay safe.

    • thanks dearheart, your protective energy was part of our blessing no doubt, thank you. xo

  3. We are ok too, should the power go out – we have an old hand pump well, a wood burning fireplace, propane stove and BBQ, and gas for the generator. Hope all goes well.

    • Heidi I hope you faired well OHHH I have hand pump envy 🙂

  4. for a moment I thought you were preparing for Sandi ie Flamidwyfe and was wondering what all the water and ice was for. keep safe 😉

    • LOL… I would love to visit Anna’s homestead, but I promise NOT to take down any trees 😀

  5. Be safe my friend!!!

    • It was amazing Sandi!! the wind was amazing. Oddly I had a dream the night before that my hubby was in a tree and the tree broke and he broke his back…last storm he was riding the tree in the storm 😉 WIND medicine…

  6. Got everything ready…just waiting and sewing…

    • Hey Cindy, hope you made out ok…I think it mostly blew out by the time it got up your way…nice to sew and chill though right?

  7. Hope you are well this morning, and that the worst has passed!

    • Amy although we had a loss of electricity and the phone is still out we are very fortunate. For some people the worst is still afoot. I’m counting our blessings daily.

  8. Thinking of you all xoxo

    • Hope you made it through, okay, Anna! – Kaye

      • done Kaye

    • thanks Sonia we’re all good and we have power too!

  9. I’m glad you were prepared. Sending well wishes your way….

    • thanks so much…thankfully all is well.

  10. Now that Sandi’s blown herself out, hope you’re only left with “minor” cleanup – but stuck in my thoughts ’til we hear otherwise. Love, energy, best wishes.

    • I’m ditto-ing that sentiment, Deb! Looking forward to hearing from you Anna! – Kaye

      • 🙂 You gals are the bestest thanks for your concern, really and truly.

    • thanks Deb!

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