Posted by: oceannah | October 26, 2012

Love my greens

winter salad mix

Well, it’s come to this…the last salad greens.  Today I harvest this row of winter salad greens, and they will not likely grow back.  The growing season has come to a close.  The season of the Naked Trees is very much upon us.  Everything that was a riot of color has toned down to the muted russet of late autumn.  A possible snow in the short term forecast (weather prophets love to hype a storm, eh?).  Last year we had a pre-Halloween snow that cost many a tree as the leaves caught the very wet snow and the weight was too much to bear.


Still a sufficient amount of green in the garden for cooking.  The tat-soi and collard are particularly lovely and tasty!collards and tatsoi
Who’s got a favorite recipe for cooked greens?  My go to is simple and basic coconut oil with garlic saute, but I could use a change up.

Ankle still on the mend, no running today…possibly by the middle of the coming week.  Today is a lift day 🙂  Happy Friday everyone.





  1. Picture perfect…and headed for the pot! Happy harvesting. 🙂

    • Thanks Audrey Love to cook and love the greens ‘specially this time of year after a frost sweetens them up a touch.

  2. There sure is a lot of storm hype…we will see! Hunker down and enjoy!

    • agreed Cindy…we got hit w/ Irene last year very hard and I think everyone here is over reacting a bit.

  3. I like to toss my greens raw with some olive oil and fresh ground salt and pepper… Mmmmm!
    Rest that ankle… hope it feels better soon 🙂

    • I like kale that way 🙂 Ankle only so-so…bit of a drag. Hope the storm was not a bummer for you in FL

  4. Bye bye greens…will miss you until next year.

    • 😦 sadly so….

  5. Beautiful garden photos! I love this time of year, even though it means our gardens are coming to an end. There’s a garden in Concord, NH that uses this really low (lower than waist-high, I think) tube greenhouse concept. I can’t remember the name. And something to do with pulling heat from the earth – he grows vegetables year round.

    Not sure if you’re growing chard but I like to steam my chard and then saute it with dried cranberries (soak them first for a few minutes), pine nuts and garlic. I cook with coconut oil and it does add a little flavor in this dish. Tasty.

    We’ve had snow here already! It was a crazy week..

    • Ohhh, Katy that sounds delish! My hubby loves cranberries! That’s what I love about this blog community so many wonderful ideas…I never would have come up w/ that combo Thanks.

  6. I love putting hearty greens into soups. Adds great texture, nutrition, and vibrancy. Hope the storm treats you well. We have all our hatches battened down.

    • Yum! Stay safe LS 🙂

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