Posted by: oceannah | October 23, 2012

Arms & Abs workout

Yesterdays workout was Arms and Abdominals.  I am working out at a new gym.  A gym that will allow my 13 year old daughter to workout there also.  The spa was lovely, but would only allow her to swim there.  The new gym is for women only.  Run by a woman who was a competitive body builder.

The routine she set up for me is different from the one she set up for my daughter.  It’s nice to have a trainer!  We’ve put a big focus an the arms…particularly the triceps.  The flabby will hopefully be replaced with more muscle tone.

The workout:  3 sets each working in the 12-15 repetition range.  Once the exercise can be done for 15 reps I increase the weight by 5 or 10 pounds.

Benchpress-  25#

Reversed dip- this is a body weight exercise, no weight added.  The bench is placed parallel to the smith machine and the bar on the SM is lowered to about thigh height.  Place hands under tushie, ankles on the bar then move butt off the bench and lift and lower the entire body.  These are killer!  I do them at the beginning and end of the routine.  reps = 10/9/10

French press- 12#

tricep push up 12#

rope pull down-30#

lat pulldown- 50#

bicep curl- 25#

Ab strive machine 5 sets with 35#

alternate crunches

plank 1 minute hold

ball crunches

assisted pullups- 6/4/5

pushups 10

then back to the reverse dips for 5/4/5 seriously, these are killer for me.

Cardio= 30 minutes of sprints–sprint 30 seconds at 6mph/walk 1.30 sec 4mph

Had a good sleep and woke up rested.  Then stumbled on my way out the door this morning rushing around and twisted my ankle…the same one as two weeks ago…grrr…must stop this nonsense.  Both times I was wearing my Dansko clogs.  When I bought them they fit great.  I’m not sure it’s possible but it appears my feet have lost weight!!  REALLY?  Why not the flabby belly??  But the shoes are sloppy on my feet and I think that is part of the problem.  It’s not a terrible twisting, and there’s no swelling or anything which is great.  But on both occasions it torqued my whole body and the knee and hip are now involved to small degree.  This means I probably can’t run today as expected.  Glad I got the sprints in last night 😉  Hopefully it is just a day or two of not running.

What’s your favorite exercise for the triceps?  Having access to a good gym is a great opportunity and I’m glad to have found this one close to home.  Thanks for reading and have a healthy day 🙂





  1. My absolute favorite tricep exercise is one from P90X, they call it a “Side Tri-Rise”. Lay on the floor on your left side, legs straight, or your left leg bent for more stability (like you would if you were sleeping on your side). Place your left hand on your shoulder, and your right hand on the floor near your shoulder. Push up with your right hand, and straighten your arm if you can, sort of like a sideways one-arm pushup! Lower back down, repeat. I do up to 20 reps, then switch sides.

    BTW, yes, you can lose weight in your feet, mine shrank as I lost weight. Some of my shoes became too wide (and I have wide feet anyway), so I had to get rid of them.

    • EXCELLENT! that sounds like a killer one! I’ll have to try it out thanks Veera 🙂 I’ve never done the p90x do you still do it?

      • Not at the moment 😦 I’ve found that I can only obsess over one thing at a time successfully, so once I’ve gotten down to my “goal weight”, then I think I’ll start again. I’ll focus on inches, as of course the weight could go up slightly due to muscle gain, and I wasn’t getting decent results during Dukan Cruise. I can add in more carb-oriented veggies to help build muscle.

      • Ah Vera, yes…one thing at a time…I sometimes feel like I’m going for the world record on slowest weight loss ever. It has taken a very long time for me to shed fat, but I’ve been building muscle at the same time, so the scale is a quirky tool at such times.

  2. p.s. your left hand should be on your right shoulder…

  3. I like overhead with a dumbbell, but our trainers favorite is triceps rows…a very thick rope tied above head, grasp just below shoulder height each hand, lean forward and then using arms let yourself down and then come back up…killer…

    • yes…this is what i called rope pull down… I didn’t know it was called tricep row. Thanks Cindy…it is killer, but the reverse dips for me are the hardest.

  4. I wish I had one. I stopped going to the gym a couple years ago, unfortunately. Since I started the garden, that’s pretty much all I do except walk or bike around the neighborhood, not enough I know.

    • The garden can be all consuming Kaye 🙂 Look at the wonderful things that have come out of your endeavors!! You’re already nice and trim/fit anyhow!

  5. Love the you can work out with your daughter. My favourite tricep exercise is a reverse curl using light barbells and a bench.

    • I love it too…now just to get her to love it 😉

  6. I like ball exercises for my triceps. The one sided push up sounds totally killer! Going to try tomorrow, as I’ve done 90 minutes of yoga this evening 🙂
    Hope your ankle is brand new when you wake up in the morn xoxo

    • Sandi, seriously?? one sided push-up? Please get someone to snap a photo. I could only DREAM of doing that. You guys are so inspiring! I don’t have a gym membership and I won’t be getting one, so garden exercise is my thing, and the occasional walk, bike and swim. – Kaye

      • I will get Angie to take a picture… Should be funny 🙂
        Yoga is a great arm workout and. Didn’t realize how strong it had made my arms until after my surgery… It’s a great way to get stronger for those of us over 40 🙂

      • Love yoga…doing an 8 hour yoga/meditation tomorrow 🙂

      • as they say Kaye, ‘if you can dream it, you can DO it’ I used to think I could never run long distances, now I know I can! Long for me at least…. ;0

    • haha! Only you would attempt a single arm side push up after arm surgery Sandi…chutzpah!!

  7. Wow. I’m inspired by your workout! Hugs, Sharon

    • Thanks Sharon, little by slowly I’ve worked up to it.

  8. Here’s a photo of the Side Tri-Rise so you can make sure you’re doing it correctly …

    • thanks so much….from us visual learners 🙂

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