Posted by: oceannah | October 20, 2012

Final Flowers

snapdragonsThe final flowers of the garden are often the snapdragons and the pansies.  I’ve actually had some snapdragons overwinter and re-bloom the following spring.

Though the gifts of the summer garden are steadily being tucked in jam jars & the freezer I will miss the flowers, they’re more fleeting than the berries that continue on as jam or the beans that keep on…

So just a moment taken out to enjoy one of the last blooms of summer.  It’s a stopping to smell/enjoy the flowers kind of Saturday.






  1. Beach day for me… It’s a gorgeous day here in south Florida! Cool front moving in this afternoon, so we’re hoping to cool off a bit tomorrow!

    • wahhh, you had to say BEACH…lemme see if I can tap into that vibe Sandi….ahhhhhhhh, yes, beach 🙂
      Gorgeous weekend in the mountains here. Hope you got your cooler weather.

  2. And those are so lovely! With so little space, I have to be very selective about flowers, and my Mexican sunflowers have been wonderful, loved by hummingbirds and butterflies, and I’m told by my neighbor, enjoyed by other neighbors walking by. I separated the head of garlic and I planted all 18 cloves yesterday! We will see what happens! I just mixed them in with the Mexican sunflowers and milkweed along the street as both of those will be cut down in December/Jan. How long before I see something pop up? – Kaye

    • Well Kaye if you have to be selective about flowers, sounds like you made a terrific choice with the Mexican Sunflowers. You should see some top growth within a few weeks, but don’t stress it…the main focus is root establishment at this point.

    • Anna, water them regularly, I presume, like I would any planted seed?

      • Yes Kaye, especially in your area. Now keep in mind that here in NY I’m going by what is right for my climate, not LA. Also on the hard/soft neck question, if you purchased the garlic commercially it is probably soft neck garlic. Most commercial garlic is soft. Did you end up planting the ones that were left in your sons car? Those are probably hard neck. Either way, you’ll know when you harvest them next year 😉

      • Yes, there were 18 cloves in that one head (that was from Wild Farm), from medium to small. I remember it had a long, tall stem.

  3. Hey Anna, thanks for sharing! Supposed to keep on raining all day here; so have a sniff for me too, would you please?: )
    But, speaking of the sky, after midnight I’m hoping to be able to get a good look at the Orionide Meteor Showers – at their peak this weekend…

    • Deb, this looks very cool, thanks for the heads-up! (quite literally, ha!) Hope I can stay awake tomorrow night! – Kaye

      • LOL, you’re welcome! (Good luck with the heads up; )

      • Deb, I just spoke to my neighbor and he said we’d have to be out in the desert to see them. We are in a fog today here, so doubt we will see anything from here, boo. – Kaye

      • Oh, too sad Kaye! But, there are links to live feed online, if that’s the case (but a little jaunt out to the dessert might be nice too; )
        Apparently our view will be better Sunday night/early Monday morning, so I’ll let you know how it goes, ‘k Kaye? LOL (Kk; )

      • Deb, oh I had to LOL…”a little jaunt out to the desert…” You don’t live in L.A., do you? LOL. When the weekend rolls around, I don’t want to be on the freeway for five hours, I want to be in my garden, or the theatre (last week I saw two GREAT shows!) 🙂 I’ll take the live feed. What’s the link for that? – Kaye

      • LA? Ha! No darlin’ Kaye; pretty much kitty-corner across the continent from you; a little farther north on the Canadian side, but not quite as far east as Anna… More info on Oronids:
        This one has a great star “map” for reference…
        Sorry, I’ve been doing all this on my phone and, try as I might, I couldn’t relocate the “live feed” from earlier… (Hopefully it’s in the link I already sent?):
        All-encompassing meteor shower guide…
        Hooray, I found it!!

        (Don’t think any got by me, BUT N.B. just in case any of these links fail to function, check the address for an “m” for mobile (as I said, I’m on my phone, n’est pas?) Happy stargazing!!

    • How did the viewing go Deb? I did not see any. Was out a few minutes ago and Venus was lovely though 🙂

    • Double sniffed with you in mind Deb…. Glad to see a mini star party here 🙂

  4. snapdragons are oh so pretty and I love how long they last. Today, in the woods, I saw one lone violet bloom. it made me smile.

    • Hey, CC, don’t you think God made flowers just for that purpose? I was out tidying up my Mexican sunflowers just now, and an older neighbor, who walks to town and back every day and always wears colorful clothes, passed by and I put a vivid orange flower on her hat. It made her smile, and I bet others who see her will smile, too! 🙂 – Kaye

      • Doesn’t it feel great to spread the joy? (each in our own way: )

      • and it made me smile, just now, too.

      • Kaye you are such a joy!

      • Thanks, Anna! I saw my neighbor yesterday, dressed bottom to hat in bright turquoise, and asked if anyone complimented her flower the day before and she said, “Yes! And I told them I got if from the Late Bloomer!” She’s so sweet. Sorry I missed the meteor shower, maybe tonight! – Kaye

    • Beautiful Joss, I’m glad you had a visit from the Violet sister 😉

  5. Thank you Anna…It’s a blessing to be here. Sharon

    • Hugs to you too Sharon 🙂

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