Posted by: oceannah | October 16, 2012

If you can’t stand the frost, get out of the field

frosted cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage in the frosty morning



Some shots of the frosty morning here the other day.  All the while learning how to use the mac and drop in the pictures!

The weather has warmed up significantly since this early 20 degree frost.  More seasonally cool with clear blue skies and the remaining leaves waning from their peak of color to more muted tones.






Tat Soi

Hearty and delicious, the tat soi will stay out in the garden with the brussels sprouts until sustained temps drop to the freezing point…with a bit of leaf cover, they keep on going and giving.

Snow Crown Cauliflower 2

Sweet, and delicious…these some of these cauliflowers will find their way into the freezer.

The cauliflower would not have survived a frost.  We picked all of them and I made a giant curry last night for dinner.  Today I’ll blanch some of them for winter storage in the freezer.  I’m really pleased with the way they came on!  These are part of the autumn garden seeding that I did back in the end of June.  I’m always trying to maximize the amount of food produced, so a second or sometimes third seeding is something I always do.

Oliver Brussels Sprouts

What’s not to like here…these babies will be eaten up in the next few weeks as the salads of summer give way to cooked veggies.

Well that’s about all for today…the mere fact that I am putting up pictures is exciting 🙂  Learning a new technology (mac book) is a bit daunting, but I do like the computer.  It is pretty easy to use, and once you know what’s what, things cruise along swiftly.  For instance, posting the pictures is a simple click-drag thing.  Little by slowly as with all my endeavors 😉

I hope everyone is having a great day!  What kind of computer are you using mac or ibm?  Enjoy and give thanks for all the plants that keep us fed and healthy.







  1. Fantabulous photos of your gorgeous crucifers! And SO glad things are going better for you…
    Started out ‘way back on an IBM PS1 *Ack!* but once I went Mac I’d never go back!!; )

    • hahah….yeah Deb, that is what I’m feeling like too. This is my dd’s mac book, and for now it can serve us both, but I can see a future where I get my own 😉

      • Yup, that’s how it starts; )

  2. ibm – though the paper I work for uses mac

    • since you use both LouAnn, do you have a preference?

      • I send my stuff to the paper from my computer so do not use their macs

  3. Brrrr! From sunny and warm South Florida 😀

    • Hahahah….Sandi when it gets really cold here I might come knocking on your door 😉 But for now it is really gorgeous. I love the autumn.

      • You’re always welcome 🙂

  4. Well, what do you know! You got a Mac and uploading pics are a snap! Congrats!!! I’m relieved to know that your stress is gone. I would love the recipe for cauliflower curry! 🙂 – Kaye

    • Well it is a snap Kaye, but one thing I don’t yet understand is when I click/drag a picture to the bottom of the screen then click it into the post it stays on my screen and I cannot make it go away. I’m noticing that certain things like ‘delete’ and ‘copy/paste’ do not work the same way on the mac…it would be great to have a tutorial, but the nearest apple store is 2 hours from here 😦

      • There’s a little trash can (bottom right).

      • Not sure what you mean, “I click/drag a picture to the bottom of the screen then click it into the post it stays on my screen and I cannot make it go away.” I click/drag/drop photo into the add media window which is nearer to top of screen. If you are click/drag/dropping a photo on a mac the photo should not even be opening, unless you are working with the keypad? Do you have a mouse? A mouse is preferable, and your PC mouse will work fine. If you select (by clicking on it once) any item in your macbook and hit the spacebar, you will open a preview of that item, and not until you hit the spacebar again, or click the little x in the top left corner will it go away. If you are using the keypad on the macbook to drag/drop, you might inadvertently be opening a preview of the item. You don’t need to open a preview of the item in order to add it to the media window, in fact, it shouldn’t open at all till you click “insert into post” and it appears in post. You should drag/drop the icon of the photo. Is this helpful? I find it very helpful to prepare and export my photos for posts to my desktop, and I always keep my desktop arranged by “date modified” which means the last thing you worked on should be at the top right of your desktop underneath the icon of your hard drive. That way, it’s easy to find. To do this, click anywhere on your desktop (so your Finder appears top left in white bar), go to View, click and hold View/Clean Up By/Date Modified, let go. Your folders, docs and photos will snap into this position instantly. (Never a good idea to have too many folders on your desktop, it taxes the computer when you turn it on, as it creates a little file for everyone – took me years to grasp this – so get them filed away, and when you are writing posts, don’t overtask your macbook by having too many programs open, that’s why it’s a good idea to prepare your photos for posts, then quit your camera or iPhoto software, then do your post.) If you have resized and exported photos from iPhoto or your camera software, they will be at top left of your screen, ready to drag/drop into the media window. Then, I always put all these small files in the trash, rather than cluttering up the computer. The originals are still all filed away, and you can always create another one. Hope this helps! – Kaye

      • OH Kaye!! You are a whiz! Much of what you said went right by me 😉 I am very much still learning the whole thing. I may even take a computer class here at the college the next semester since I’m here anyhow. When I made yesterdays post I clicked add media. Then I hit the select but nothing happened. So I opened up the NX2 software and from there click/dragged…but I could not put it right into the post b/c I had the NX2 window open….and I am using the keypad only. Don’t have a mouse for this one but sounds like it may help. I will say I am much more capable w/ a mouse than the key pad. Thanks so much for the help. I will attempt to practice what you wrote, but being a novice and all I think it will take a bit of time.
        thanks again Kaye 🙂

      • I see a mistake in my reply. Towards the bottom, it should say “If you have resized and exported to your desktop photos from iPhoto or your camera software, the icons will be at top RIGHTof your screen, ready to drag/drop into the media window.” – Kaye

      • Yes, that’s the problem. In your NX2 software, you need to select a set of files (photos) for a particular blog post, duplicate and resize them, and save those to your desktop. To save to desktop: When you have the duplicated, resized photo open, click and hold File, top left, go down to Save and when you let go on one of the save options, a small window will open on the mac with three things in this order, the name of the file/photo (here’s where you can name it frosty-cabbage-10-17, or something), below that, it asks you where to put it (something will be pre-selected, but always change it to desktop so you can find it), and below that, how you are saving it (always use jpeg), then click save, and once you have arranged your desktop to Date Modified (that one is easy, so try it), that photo’s icon will appear top right (below the icon of your hard drive). Hope that’s clear. 🙂 – Kaye

      • 🙂

  5. Gorgeous. And I’m using an iPod touch. 🙂

    • Thanks! We originally got this macbook for dd when she was10 and taking a computer programing class. The Prof. recommended it as his first choice, and although she uses the dell desktop she WAY prefers apple…all apple products. I think that apple is kinda like black licorice, either a love it or leave it thing.

      • And Anna, if it’s been sitting around for a couple of years, you probably need to update the software. Always keep the software updated on the macbook. This is easy to do. Click on the apple top left/Software update, let go. It will calculate what is out of date, and ask you if you want to run it all now. You can pick and choose or just run them all. 🙂 – Kaye

      • Oh Kaye, this is not a computer that ever has had a chance to ‘sit around’ She uses it every day and the updates are all in order.

  6. Anna, gorgeous & wholesome as always! I agree with Kaye, the cauliflower curry recipe would be great. Or maybe just an idea of what you put in it, I know you’re more of a go with your instinct cook but I’m not that talented! Recipes all the way! lol. 😉 hope the remodel is going well xoxo

    • OMG yes! Can’t wait to see that sink in situ!; )

      • Ahhh….yes, the sink 🙂 I’ve met with a carpenter and we are still planning what to do. I have several pictures and he’s a bit busy now….the downside is that the further out it goes, the less likely it will happen before the holidays are in full swing 😦 But we’re uch closer than in years since we have the components!

    • SONIA…so good to see you. I will put the recipe up today hopefully. I have my ‘long day’ at the college on Tues. when my girl has her Chem Lab so I’m here til 1pm. Today is a mercifully short day, out by 11:50 then off to the gym.
      How is Ami?? I hope you both are enjoying the autumn. Silly question, but is Halloween a big deal there? Here it is moving into epic proportions with decorations approaching or exceeding the christmas holiday!

  7. I remember the first time I saw brussel sprouts on the stem…embarassed that it was not that long ago…I love them roasted with bacon!!!!!!

    • Oh say, that’s a wonderful idea! (May even make for less winging from the fussy people at the table?; )

      • Oops, meant “whinging”…

    • Cindy I’ve done that too, it sure makes them super tasty! Another way I really like them is to cut them in half and very quickly sear them in a pan with olive oil then finish with a handful of chopped pecans and a squeeze of lemon juice, yummm.

      • yum…my sister-in-law roasts them with red grapes…that is yummy too!!

      • ohhhh that sounds great! A new one to try out!

      • Wow you guys; now I’m going to need more sprouts if I’m going to try out out all of your great suggestions!
        An ti ci pa a tion,
        Is makin’ me wait…
        (A little Joany anyone?; )

  8. That’s some handsome produce, lady!

    • Almost as lovely as #6 Amy 🙂 a scarf is much more enduring than cabbage and cauliflower. Glad you stopped by.

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