Posted by: oceannah | October 9, 2012



I am attempting to post this lovely picture of my cornmeal today from a different connection at the library….let’s see what happens~floriani red flint cornmeal



  1. Looking good….did you grind that yourself? Bet it makes yummy cornbread!!

    • this is the cornmeal from the corn we grew this year it is an heirloom corn called floriani red flint corn

  2. That cornmeal is beautiful! What’s the story? – Kaye

    • Kaye, that’s the red flint corn heirloom we grew this year…
      I’m happy that I finally figured out that the problem is with my isp and not my blog…whew, that was a really long weird thing to be hashing through

  3. Hooray!

    • Thanks LilSis 🙂

  4. Beautiful color!

    • I know Sandi, it is SO bright, and the flavor to match….

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