Posted by: oceannah | October 9, 2012

community of the web…

That last post with a picture went off without a hitch!  It’s both good and bad…. Good because that means it is not my blog that is having problems.  Bad because it means my ISP is even suckier than I thought.

I’m sitting in the library with my dd’s MacBook and it’s amazing how fast the whole thing is.

Since I’ve been experiencing these glitches the response from readers and other bloggers has been so heart warming.  Folks offering to help with IT like Karen,  Deb always in there pitching for the team 🙂  Forgive me Karen, I don’t know how to open up a new window to find the Lil’ Suburban Homestead link to your name…yet another learning curve~

I’ve been thinking about the connections made here on the world wide web.  Although I have never met these folks in the flesh, I have a connection to them.  And clearly there is a connection to me, and this blog.  In the beginning I thought that was a bit weird…to feel a kinship or a connection to someone I’ve never actually met.  With recent events though, I do think there is more than just  binary code and the requisite electronic impulses.  I believe Spirit knows no time/space.  It is not that I did not believe that Spirit can and likely does hold sway on the www, just that in the mix of all the chaos, I forgot.  Global connectivity is a double edged sword no doubt.  I’m pretty certain there is as much harm as good that can be generated.  Therefore who we connect to online and what we consume, directs our experience as much as our real time connections.

That said, I’m so very glad to have made the connections that I have 🙂





  1. We are all one. You are right. – Kaye

    • 🙂

  2. these connections are weird, but strangely, seem to work, and those that do not, you can just back away from
    enjoy you and your blog and your comments and am glad you are getting to the root of your problems

    • Thanks LouAnn, it’s nice to have some definitive answers to life’s persistent questions….no! wait…that’s Guy Noir, not oceannah 🙂 closure is good. Moving forward better still. Not sure if I will be able to get all the pix back, but like I said…forward.

  3. I guess it’s a least good to know where the problem lies? I’m so glad we’re connected. Hang in there!

    • yay…agreed. I done hung in and seem to be popped out the other side. xo

  4. Sometimes I feel my life is a learning curve. I’ve enjoyed meeting people and having discussions this way too.

    • thanks Heidi!!

  5. So, what if, through electrical connectivity, [Spirit (think EKG) and Binary] all of us on the weeb were to become an even more tightly interconnected chainmaille of humanity?
    To me, the idea’s awesome in every sense of the word…

    • ChainMail…nice one Deb! Way way beyond email 🙂

      • Oh yeah! It’s the original high speed… runs at the speed of light, with no data caps and completely FREE: D
        Really glad the weight’s been lifted from your shoulders (and hopefully your photos are recoverable?)

      • Haahha Debm that’s right…original, not extra crispy 😉

      • LOL! But, gross as it is, I LOVE extra crispy!

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