Posted by: oceannah | October 4, 2012


This is a test.

I just put up a post (tried and failed two times).  Both times they were killed somehow along the way… nice waste of 35 minutes.  GRRR.

Just testing to see if I can post text only.




  1. It worked, I’m sorry I haven’t been any help this week. This surgery kicked my bum xoxo

  2. So there you have it. The first two times I was not able to post I had (finally) finagled a way to add a picture. I cannot accept that this is just a hughesnet issue. I’ve been using hughesnet since I started this blog and just look around…there are tons of pictures here! So wtf gives??? huh? that sound you ask…that’s the sound of utter exasperation. I think the guy at wp is well intentioned and wants to be helpful….but passing the buck and just laying it on hughes is not such a tidy package. arghhh.

  3. such a bummer!!!

  4. this worked! I have lost stuff before (when I was on dealine at the newspaper) and it is the most frustrating thing–hope things work out for you

    • Gah! Louann I’d be bonkers is my work on deadline was lost…it looks like I can post text only on my blog now. sheesh.

  5. So sorry you are having such a rough time….sometimes technology STINKS!

    • Thanks Jules…stink it does, but I’m still plodding along, hoping things change back to my ‘good ol’ days’ 😉

      • Worked for me too!
        But, speaking of “the good old days”, do you know the exact date when this all started? Like, perhaps that could help pin down the (whatever-the-hell-happened) thing(s?) that started this mess in the first place??

      • It began to happen about 4 weeks ago now Deb. Nailing down the time frame might be helpful if I knew more about the computer per say, which of course I don’t. IE: what to look for on the computer that has changed. I’d like to find somebody (probably in their 20’s) who could come to the house and help me figure out what all is going on, now that would be great!

  6. If it’s any consolation, two of my back-up G-Drives failed in the last couple of days, which crashed my iMac several times (it’s a scary thing to see the grey curtain drop down your screen) and I’ve been on with Apple support (thankfully I bought Applecare support when I got the computer) and G-Technology. I’ve had my Mac repair guy here twice in two days, and now I have to mail them back to be repaired, and have no Late Bloomer backup files while they are gone. Yikes! And, I’ve had a monster chest cold which I got from my son who’s missed two days of school this week, and even though school started a month ago, he’s already behind. And there’s more! Are you feeling better, yet? Sorry this is such a bummer for you, when tech fails us. There’s enough to do in our lives without having to deal with tech issues. Figuring out where the problem lies is a challenge. Hope you get it straightened out soon! – Kaye

    • OH NO Kaye!! I’m so sorry…being sick and having your computer crash at the same time blech! Garlic, garlic, garlic grate it into hot water and drink add honey if you need to. While I was driving my dd to her college class today I was toying w/ the thought of buying an apple for myself so I can use the real high speed internet at the library there….DD says she can create a separate account on hers that would pretty much do the same thing w/ out the added cost of buying a new laptop…BUT, I will then have to learn how to actually use the apple machine, which I now only know the littlest bit about! So many things to ponder….I think I’ll just go back outside and stare at the pumpkins 🙂

      • So sorry, don’t know how I missed this one until now…
        But OMG Anna, I swear to you, you would LOVE using a mac – SO simple and completely logical – I PROMISE!! (AND I just read your earlier response and you are so welcome! Heck, what else are friends for if they can’t offer a helping hand?; )
        But hey, if your system is self-destructing, then maybe it is time for a little wifi-compatible laptop luxury and, once you go Mac, you’ll never look back; ) Do be sure to check out the “refurbished” models (if you like a bargain, that is: )
        Oh wow! Almost forgot why I came down to the basement in the first place… You DO have a missing photo here – right between the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” and “Tagalicious”. Error message reads “404 File not found.” I’ll look later to see if I can find any more missing… But, for now? Night night.

        But oh hey! Kaye? Be sure to add some Turmeric into that garlic ‘n honey cocktail too: lovely-coloured carotinoids, nice subtle flavour and a soothing, gentle heat. Hope you’re feeling ‘way better soon!

  7. Night Hawk calling London, come in London – received affirmative!

    • hahaha thanks I really needed that laugh 🙂 I just tried to post via email…let’s see what happens…

  8. Hey! What if, just for the heck of it, you took it back and did a reset to a date before the trouble started?

    • Process of elimination, right? You have your system, service provider and WordPress… Perhaps it was a software update/”upgrade”?

    • Deb, Thanks a huge bunch for your brainstorming. A few days ago I attempted a ‘restore to previous date’ which, for whatever reason I was unable to ever actually restore. I just spent the better part of my day meddling in the bloggy insanity and I’m up against the wall.
      The pictures have vanished from previous posts now…this made me so sad. I need to have some help from someone who knows both computers and blogs before I continue…my head is about to explode from all this madness.
      You’ve been a luv Deb, and I really appreciate that. The one thing that seems ok is that I am able to at least use my blog login to visit and post on other blogs, so unless/until I can figure this one out that is what I’ll do.
      I did consider getting a lap top to use as my ‘blog only’ space so I could use it at the college or at the library where wifi is strong and stable, but at this point I’m even LESS convinced than ever that it is merely an issue of my ISP being insufficient.

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