Posted by: oceannah | October 4, 2012

Dearest Readers,

I sincerely have enjoyed sharing this blog with you all.  In case the whole of it slides inexorably into the bottomless abyss of the internet, please know that I’ve taken great joy in our conversations here and I’m deeply touched by your many and varied thoughts and insights.

As you know, something is not working properly with my media.  I’ve been at it all day (and for many days prior) and Jeremy has been tremendously helpful.  Just today he gave me the instructions for posting to my blog via email, which I did twice, but apparently that avenue is also not working for me.

As I was sitting here fiddling around and trying again to post by email I noticed as I scrolled down that the picture of the mabon heart leaves is absent.  ACK.  I went back into a bunch of posts, all the way to the beginning of September and the pictures are missing from all of those as well.   Now, I’m saying they are ‘missing’ which to be clear, the text that names which picture was in the post is there, the space the picture should be in is taking up space, but without a picture.  If I click on the picture title it leads me to a link that says “not found”.  I’m beyond flummoxed if all my pictures are gone!?!

Perhaps it’s just on my end.  But I do not know that.  I’ve rebooted twice and still get the same thing.  If all my pictures have magically disappeared from the blog then I think I really need to consider that this is not meant to be.  I’ve been pondering that for the past few days anyhow…I mean, how much of a struggle does something need to be before I  ‘get’ the message?

What began as merely an online  journal to log my Dukan experiences, has become for me, a very groovy little place to share the comings and goings on at the homestead with some incredibly fun and interesting folks 🙂  I’m glad y’all stopped by for a spell.  It may yet go on, but at this point, without some hands on from an actual experienced person sitting in the room with me, I can’t imagine I’ll get any further.  XO



  1. Well that cuts it! Where is the data for the blog stored? Fifty bucks says that’s where your problem lies.
    Sign me “pissed off and already in withdrawal”
    HUGS! Deb
    P.S. (Time to own up WordPress?)

    • Deb, let me check in w/ you…when you view the blog on your end, do you see pictures from previous posts? If so, then it is a hughesnet issue, if not, then wordpress.

      • No problem, I’m usually reading on my cell (like right now; ), but I’ll check it out on the desktop and get back to you ASAP.

  2. This is horrendous! My blog is mostly photos. If they disappeared, it’s like my work is gone. I don’t understand, but, I see your posts without photos. Thankfully, I have your email address! – Kaye

    • Kaye, although that is INCREDIBLY useful data, it brings me to tears…it’s not just on my end. 😦

  3. Does your computer have a virus? We need to figure out how to keep in touch!

  4. No….don’t go Anna I can try to help I do IT for a living…..and I do a lot of it via email….Email me at and maybe between Jeremy and I we can get you situated….I will miss you if you go. On the other hand this life blogging is a heavy investment so I understand too. (HUGS!)

    • I’m so sorry Anna, I looked as well and also found no photos either; only an empty space w/ question mark which leads to “error message 404…”
      I surely hope you can figure this out “Lil” because losing this community would leave me bereft; I can’t even imagine how it must feel for Anna.
      Bon chance mes ami. xo Deb

      • Deb I just now got home from work and I finally have time to read the email Anna sent me. I would be so sad if she leaves…:(

      • Hi Lil, There is another blogging friend who seems to be experiencing the same thing or something very similar. I pasted a link to her post into the comments here a little earlier today. Good luck!

      • Deb,
        Well maybe I can help I will try to help Anna and if we get to the bottom of this maybe we can send out the fix.

      • Hi Karen Lynn (went over to the homestead for a peek earlier; )
        I’m thinking that, because there are two people (that I know of) experiencing the same issues w/ WordPress: difficulty loading posts was the initial problem for both. Anna’s has escalated to the point of photo files disappearing from previous blog postings.
        I’m assuming the data is stored on WordPress servers, so is it possible that they’ve been corrupted?

      • Deb I have done some research with WordPress and some folks just changing browsers to Firefox or Google Chrome can fix this issue so it can be complex…..have your friends change browsers and see if that helps if not have them clear all their cookies, caches and temporary internet files and see if that works some computers don’t want to let go of old settings trust me I have one at work thats a real pill. I hate working on IT stuff when I’m home but my connection to Anna and her blog is so strong I am willing to put in some OT because she is awesome!

      • Thanks so much Karen, I’ve forwarded your suggestions to FarmGal. Hope this is the solution… Boy, nothing worse than unintended consequences, eh? Or being forced into an unwanted upgrade… (I’m SUCH a cynic):
        Wishing you have a very happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

      • Deb I am still on the free version of WordPress and I have had my blog since 2010 and have had no issues so I am hoping so much that is not the case. I plan to be move to my own domain rather than upgrading with wordpress because I want more freedom of choice with my ads et….all so lets just hope its an infrastructure issue they are working on but I feel awful for folks that are frustrated by this issue and hope that some of us that are working on it can be part of the solution.

      • You’ve got my heartfelt agreement on that – and hopefully those at WordPress get the message as well (or figure out pronto where the squeeze is coming from): I’ve been hovering over taking the plunge and WordPress was always the preferred format – up ’til now.

      • well Deb, dealing in truth is my stock in trade, so I must say that Jeremy was correct all along. I am using a strong connection at the college library and my daughters macbook and was able to post pix no problem-o. So I have to make some adjustments to how and when I make blog posts….I just learned from Karen that I can actually make a post and have it post at a later date….not that I’ve learned how to yet, just that it can be done 😉

      • Hey, that’s a great idea! Post when everyone’s gone to bed and systems are more accessible. Glad I’ve bookmarked this (these) post(s) and you’ve reinstalled my faith in WordPress too – thnx: )

      • Thanks so much Karen for all your help XOXO

      • I’m just bummed you aren’t able to find resolution.

      • Karen, It’s working here at the library, so it is in fact the isp….hughesnet. thanks again for all your help 🙂 You are a great bloggy friend XO

      • well hopefully you can get the internet provider squared away….that stinks but glad you figured that out. I try 😉

      • Karen, Not sure how much there is to ‘square away’ w/ hughesnet…they are notorious for bad customer service, and in truth after running speed tests (yet another new skill I’ve acquired ;)) the system is within the ‘parameters’ although they are at the very lowest. I believe that they [hughes] has grossly oversold their bandwidth which is one of the problems.
        thanks again for all your help~

      • Karen, I used the college internet w/ dd’s laptop and had good results…the next day though I could not make comments and things were squirrely using the very same connection and computer….that was very disappointing since I thought it was all figured out. Not sure why it happened….I was able to browse and visit web sites/blogs/forums otherwise so even with the high speed and the macbook, WordPress was glithchy….urgh.
        No end of curious there.

      • Karen and Deb, Here is what I know today. I deleted many images from my blog from the “library” on Sept. 27. I was hoping that adding more space would help things along. Unfortunately for me when deleting bulk (or even one) amounts of pictures from the MEDIA LIBRARY it takes them off your blog also, so at least I know the cause of that. I think it stinks, that they don’t bother to tell folks that deleting pix remove them from the blog &/or any link that ever existed to them…ahhh phooey. Ya know, maybe most folks know this stuff but I certainly did not…lesson learned ;O

        So, that comes back to the problem being only one: that of not being able to upload pix. Jeremy from WP holds that it is because of hughes net, and I don’t believe that….since I’ve been using Hughes all along w/ never an issue.

        Karen, I’ll go through the list of items you emailed me again, and please do not feel like I’m going to get frustrated or unwilling to ‘re-do’ stuff I’ve already done, I won’t…I’m very grateful for your help.

        I also tried to post twice by email and Jeremy says that the posts are in “draft mode” which he said I was supposed to add some short code to them, but I don’t understand that. I did exactly what the tutorial said, and there was nothing in there about short code or draft mode…still learning.

        Thanks gals, y’all are so amazing….yeah, it’s great that you have thes special computer skills and all that…natch, but you’re really amazing for reaching out and sharing those skills w/ what essentially amounts to a random person, moi! WOW 🙂 xoxo

      • Wow, thanks Anna, but no special skills here (just stubborn; ) that and I know that if you didn’t change anything, then someone else did.
        It can’t be a coincidence that first you and now FarmGal are having trouble loading posts – I’d also bet that you guys aren’t alone…
        So glad you figured out the mystery of the vanishing photos though; ’cause that had me thinking your computer was having a meltdown.
        Hope you have success from Karen’s recommendations and you have a great (Canadian Thanksgiving) weekend!! xo D.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you’re being plagued with such problems. I hope we don’t lose you but if so, go with blessings:)

    • thanks luv, I hope to work out the details and get back on track…but it has been mondo-frustrat-OH


  7. Hi Anna

    I rebooted and it seemed to have cleared the issue so far.. here is hoping that it holds, I have not lost any pictures in the data base itself, just off the web.

    I do hope that you can figure it out and stay blogging, it would be such a shame if you stopped posting.

    • It looks like I’ve worked the main bugs out… thanks for your thoughts, glad your trouble were fixed with a reboot.

  8. Oh no, maybe try a different blog site? I find sometimes I’ll look at the blog and wont be able to see the pics but then later or the next day I can see them. Dunno – maybe wordpress is getting more popular and they cant handle it?? be sad if you stop blogging just coz of naughty wordpress…

    • thanks shannon, looks like the main problem is with the satellite dish connection…darn too b/c I cannot get high speed internet where I live.

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