Posted by: oceannah | October 2, 2012

and on she went plodding along…

It’s been a long time trying to parse the machinations of my latest snafu with my media uploading but some nice folks have offered help in an area (computers) that I am sorely lacking in.  The upshot seems to be with my satellite dish internet provider.

I live in rural NY.  If I don’t use a satellite dish, I would only have dial up service as an option.  So the dish is better than dial up, but only marginally so is some instances.

This week thanks to Jeremy at the WordPress help line I’ve learned how to run tracer routes which show how far/much a signal travels before connecting with the servers at WP.  My tracer routes look a bit like a pin ball game…I watched as they ran across the country, to Denver and Chicago and back again….or worse, timed out.  This is not helpful.

I’ve also learned (a might late) that Hughesnet has a notoriously bad reputation for customer service.  I’m not shocked.  When you (Hughes) is the only company in any area, as is the case for us, much of what would not stand in a truly open market becomes the norm.

Does that mean I need to give up my blog?  Why did this change?  When I began the blog I did not have these issues.  Answer 1- not necessarily giving up the blog, but may need to scale way back on pictures, a very big drag.
Answer 2- I don’t know what changed.  I’ve not been able to be in touch with an actual human at Hughesnet, and given some of the horrible thing I’ve read on their forums, I don’t have a lot of hope there.

It’s a funny thing, some day I will move from here and likely have real broadband.  At that point though I will no longer be on the homestead though, so there you have it.

Since the problems arrived on a mythic wind, I hold some small hope that they will just as mysteriously drift off into nothingness….Oh hell, I’d even be happy if it tacked on down the way taking big broad zigs and zags.

I do appreciate all your positive input and good suggestions as well as kind thoughts regarding not wanting to miss this little blog.  The one thing I take from it all is that life is not static…nor is a blog.  It is ever changing and morphing into the thing that it will become and moving away from the thing it was.  Knowing that the changes will in fact arrive has given me the opportunity to embrace fully each knot in the rope without squeezing so tightly that my hands go numb, or slacking up so much the sails luff in the wind…



  1. Beautifully put, Anna! Thanks for hanging in there. I would miss your blog and you tremendously! – Kaye

    • Thanks Kaye, you were so helpful in getting me connected with the help line. Hopefully it will pass and all will be good again…one can hope 🙂

  2. Your dilemma sounds pretty much like ours here; but glad you finally got an answer… At least knowing anything – even if the diagnosis sucks – is better than sheer frustration.
    And you? Never slacking, so no worries about luffing; )

    • Thanks Deb I agree that knowing what is wrong is somehow easier to accept…even if there is not a ready answer at hand. We wouldn’t give up the big skies and the clean air for better connections anyhow right? 😉

      • You betcha Sista!! Hugs!

  3. sometimes things do come in on mythic winds and leave the same way–best of luck and hope you do not have to quit your blog

    • ‘twoud be a grand exit, yes?

      • like that word – you should copyright it

      • haha thanks LouAnn 🙂

  4. Technology, when it’s out of our control, is beyond irritating. Here’s hoping the mess clears itself up.

  5. Now that you know the problem, maybe a solution will come along. Good luck!

    • Thanks Heidi,that is kinda how I feel…

  6. Sounds incredibly frustrating. Don’t give up – who would keep me growing a garden? Maybe they just need to turn the whole thing off and then turn it on again – isn’t technology grand?

    • Not throwing in the towel, just sizing it up for it’s next use 😉 I think it’s also partly due to the times when I am now using the blog…may be higher traffic times. Now that dd is back to home schooling and taking classes at the college, my mornings are no longer ‘mine’ for my little bloggy indulgence…

  7. Wow stuff I did not know…crazy technology…hope you keep going!! I love reading about your homesteading! Sort of living an old dream through you…when I was a teen, I wanted to move to Alaska and live off the land!

    • Cindy, I could write a small book on all the stuff I’ve learned since starting this blog…words and stings of text I never imagined 😉

      I used to think that Alaska would be great too when I was young. No longer. I think I’d be one of those horribly pathetic drunken wastrels if I had to go six months w/out the sun….I am a SOLAR POWERED gal, needs me my sunshine 🙂

      • Yeah not sure about the sun…never gave it a thought as a teen!

      • “Yeah not sure about the sun…never gave it a thought as a teen!” Y’know it’s funny you two should bring this up right now. Think that’s why I hate this time of year – well once the leaves have all dropped that is… The days are shortening = less light, more rainy weather = less light, temperatures are dropping/more clothing = less light.
        It was always so easy to get sunshine as a kid; we were always outside if we weren’t at school. Obviously need to get outside more – no matter what else “needs” to be done – for body, mind and spirit. Thanks for making me think! Hugs D.

  8. I think the blogging world would be kinda less colourful without you so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you in the hope that your issues are resolved!

  9. Sorry I haven’t been more help, Anna… This arm surgery kicked my butt this week! Your pkg came yesterday…thank you!!!! xoxoxo

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