Posted by: oceannah | September 27, 2012

at the end of my rope w/ WP inablility to upload media

Getting ready to chuck this whole mess…I still cannot upload media as I once did.  Today I just spent 40 minutes attempting various work arounds and came up w/ zilch.  I was able to upload a picture via a rather circuitous path that involved:

A) disabling turbo page

B) converting photo files

C) using the add media (sidebar) placing picture (we’re talking ONE picture!!!) in the library

D) opening up a new post page

C) adding the picture to post

D) the picture looks like crap b/c of being resized so I scrapped the whole thing…and fixin’ to do the same w/ WP.  I cannot get answers and I’m really burned out on wasting my time attempting to use the blog that once was easy peasy!  What happened or changed is a GREAT MYSTERY to me.

E) oh, yes, all of this is AFTER attempting to use my blog in the fashion that has, for the past 6 or so months been reliable…such as, login, go to add post, click media icon, add pics, write text…hit publish.  WTF went wrong?

It’s been real, it’s been fun…until recently…and for moi, without the fun factor well, what’s the point?




  1. This is a bummer…sorry this has been so stressful. Maybe you could transfer to blogger??

    • Problem with that… a lot of us wouldn’t be able to comment anymore (without giving up our firstborn child, that is):

      • Hahah…that’s funny Deb. It is a big bother, and unfortunately at a time when I have little spare moments here and there to even deal w/ the issue….then it just becomes so annoying that I lose interest.

    • It’s a bummer for sure Cindy, but blogger is not an option for me. I’m not a fan of the whole ‘G’ing of the worldwideweb…another reason I don’t use FB

  2. I’m Liking, but that doesn’t mean I like that you are struggling. I’ve been blogging since April and have seen no change. I’m still doing it the same way, (hit media icon, pop-up opens, drag photo that I have resized into the media browser window, which I have set to full size, add titles and now I’m adding captions, click Add to Post, when I finish post, hit Publish) so don’t understand what the problem is. Did you change something in your computer? Are you creating your photo files the same way? Do you know how to create a photo file from your computer? Like, when you download photos into your computer, what program are they in? They are probably at least 4MB per photo. Can you resize easily and export to your desktop and drag and drop them into the meda browser window? That’s what I do. I create 9″ (on the long side) x 100 pixels per inch, which makes my imports to WP about 600KB, and they load in a flash. Let me help if I can before you abandon WP. 😦 – Kaye

    • Kaye, I have always done the pictures as you do. Suddenly it is not working. I did not change anything in my computer. I always have (as you know) used my photos right from the camera, I use Nikon NX2 software to download my photos. I know how to create a file for my pictures w/in NX2. When I resize it is very simple w/ NX2, I just hit edit/resize and a new, smaller file is created. However that photo was so distorted when I FINALLY was able to upload it to WP that I scrapped it. I also find that JUST getting to a forum to ask a question w/ WP is unnecessarily tedious. I mean, perhaps there are simpler ways, I never said I was a techie, but if you’re in a forum reading about say, ‘media issues’ there is no button to hit to ‘add new topic’ or such. I know several bloggers who all say they got answers that were helpful right away. I did post my trouble in a forum, I got one response that was not helpful…it merely asked if I was resizing my photos…which, if the post were READ, the person who replied would have noticed that was one of the things I listed in fixes already attempted. SHEESH! What a bother. I appreciate you help Kaye, but not sure it is a ‘help-able’ issue at this point.

    • thanks kaye…I appreciate your help MUCHO MUCHO

  3. is it possible you’ve reached your allowable limit of space for uploading? I increased mine a few months ago for $20 I think it was and it seemed to solve some of these problems I was having.

    • I thought about that Joss, and did actually delete a bunch of images from my library, but even so, the most I ever used was 30% of my storage space…and after deleting it made no difference.

      • so sorry you are having all this trouble, it must be beyond frustrating. I would hate to see you go so am hoping for a solution to present itself.

  4. I hope you don’t give up, because I love your blog…hang in there.


    • still trying olive, and getting some help from sandi and kaye…LOVE those gals 🙂 hopefully there is an answer/solution.

  5. Are you sure it’s WP? I’m wondering if it’s your IP provider. I’d be very unhappy to not see your posts… Sending you an email.

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