Posted by: oceannah | September 24, 2012


Another Monday rolling in…  Sheesh, I’d hoped to be fully done with this cold but not so.  It’s settled into my chest and I’ve just been coughing and spluttering all weekend.

Our cat was hit by a car last night.  That is bad enough, but the driver never even stopped…that is horrible.

Keeping to the tea and herbs and lots of rest.  Pretty much no energy to dabble in the muck and mire of wordpress tech issues so that whole thing is still up in the air…although Gene Wilder was good enough to sprinkle a little WonkaMagic around and this image did not take an insane amount of time to load.

Just a quickie check in to sign on and visit some bloggy friends 🙂




  1. sorry about your cold and cat – take care of yourself

    • Thanks Louann hopefully all cleared up by tomorrow (?)…fingers and toes crossed

  2. I hope your cold fades quickly. And I’m sorry to hear about the cat.

    • I hope so too Heidi, and the poor cat…what an awful end.

  3. Anna so sorry about your cat. The driver’s actions are unconscienable. I now have the evil rhinovirus myself. About ready to swig an entire bottle of echinacea myself. Sending you healing energy.

    • Thanks…once years ago a different cat was hit by driver who not only stopped but came to the door in tears. It was still an awful time, but her compassion and kindness were so appreciated by us all.
      Echinacea and elderberry…I’ve been swigging from the cherry bark bottle to keep the cough at bay…whooweeee these colds! Hope you are on the mend lickety split!

  4. Sorry about your cat, Anna. Sometimes I would like to string people up by there toes and let them figure a way out… and the cold, bummer! Praying you feel better very soon!!

  5. Aww Anna, TONS of hugs ‘n such! D.

  6. Oh Anna…so sorry for your kitty and for you. I just don’t understand people sometimes.

  7. Anna I am so sorry about your kitty. Sending hugs and hoping you feel better very soon!

  8. I lost a cat the same way a couple years ago, and it wounded me deeply. I still have my cold too…

    I hope we both have a full recovery soon!


  9. Sorry to hear you’re still under the weather. We’re still trying to shake this one too. Lots of sitting and staring at each other going on here.

    • Thanks LS, hope you’re all on the mend…things healthwise are looking up here.

  10. Anna sorry about your cold 😦 I hate being under the weather especially wants it settles in for what feels like the long haul. I am so sorry about your cat that is how I lost my cat Sammy in the country no less :(….Here is hoping you start to feel better tomorrow.

    • Karen we’re in the country too…dang the driver.

      • I was in the country when my cat got hit 😦 Broke my heart.

      • aw Karen, I’m so sorry to hear that. Our little furry family members are so special.

  11. Anna, let me know what your problem with uploading photos was. Maybe I can help. Feel better soon! – Kaye

    • Hi Kaye, I sent you an email regarding the upload issue, and today’s post is likewise related…Something has changed, and I do not know what, nor am I able to change it back. I never had this problem til about 2-3 weeks ago. And not being a 20something tech wiz well….I just don’t have time to sit here pondering the “great navel of WordPress”

  12. Aww, sweetie… Feel better. So sorry about your cat 😦

    • Thanks Sandi, hope the AT is treating you good 🙂

  13. so sorry to hear about your kitty-cat, that driver was just heartless! Hope you are feeling better real soon.

    • I cannot imagine killing someones cat and just driving off, but then, as they say MJ, “It takes all kinds”. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Oh Anna I’m so sorry there are some heartless souls out there – hope you feel better soon

    • Thanks luv…it is true there are some real ‘pieces of work’ out there….but there are also some really great folks too…sifting through is the process I like to call, life 🙂 Thank God feeling better…except for WP.

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