Posted by: oceannah | September 19, 2012

one, and a wrong one at that

I posted my question about the photographs not uploading in the wordpress forums.  I mentioned all the ways that I attempted to resolve the issue, including resizing the picture.

The single response I got was a two sentence forum post that asked if the file was too big  *sigh*

So that leaves me to question is it just wp account that has this issue?   Are the forums not really the way to find answers to such issues?  what?  Bah!



  1. It can’t be file size…I take pictures in large format on my camera and they upload fine. Sometimes things are flaky, my WP on my ipad is being flaky…not sure what to do?? LOVE/HATE computers…

  2. Thinking this question belongs on today’s post…
    So does WordPress depend on its members/subscribers/… to do their troubleshooting for them or do they actually have a dedicated staff for this? If not, then looks like it’s definitely time to step up to the next level (for cases like yours, at least). I mean, you don’t see a doctor until you’ve already done some self diagnosis; but with a persistent problem you obviously need some professional help, right?

    • thanks Deb!

  3. I have to say when I started, I asked a question to wordpress, I got an answer and had other questions, and always used the same subject line in my mails (my original problem) and the same guy (Nick) would reply to my questions, and I always got answers. Please tell me Anna, what are you trying to find out about the photos, maybe I can help. I’ve not had a problem uploading. – Kaye

    • not sure how to get the broader community to view the forum?!

  4. That’s not very cool 😦
    I usually find the forums really helpful. Like Kaye said, pose the question to us and let’s see if we can find the solution together 🙂

    • well the question remains, how to get the pics uploaded w/out it taking forever or to be precise 3/4 minutes 😉

      • It seems to me that slow upload time would be a problem from your IP service provider, not WP. I find uploads from my apartment take longer than at work. I also find that uploads from my iPad or iPhone go faster than from my lap top or the desktop at work. I also find that if I close all the other windows, things run faster on all the devices.
        Sara’s advise is also excellent. If I’m having a hard time uploading, I upload through the media tab instead of directly through the post xoxo

      • Thanks Sandi that is one avenue I have not yet gone down…lemme check that media tab out 🙂

      • So I used that tab to post the picture I used today…and here’s how it went. (because I tried the camera icon and it would not even load, another ‘new’ problem). 1- click media 2-load picture 3-go to post 4-attempt to insert media…this did not turn out to be an easy step…had to go back to post, click on the insert/upload icon then try to insert from gallery. NEW PROBLEM #2…it apparently ‘took’ but I could not see the picture in my post! GRRRRRRRRRRRRROWL. I tried again, then went to preview and there were 2 pix there…ugh. I’ve never had a problem before, so I do not think it is merely an IP issue. I just don’t understand what happened/changed (?). Super frustrating.

  5. I don’t know what things you’ve tried, but there are a few different ways to get your images into WP so you can use them. If you go to the dashboard you can select “media” from the left side menu and then add new. That will upload your image into the library and then you can place it into your post from the library rather than from your computer. I’ve found that sometimes WP gets stuck when I try to upload an image directly into a post (although when it’s working, that’s the fastest way). You may have already tried this, of course. Good luck!

    • thanks Sara I did not know that, I always just use the media link on the top of the post (camera icon), though the other day I did try multiple different things. Did not know about the sidebar. Thanks!Q

  6. +1 to what SaraC said.

    I mostly use a 3rd party picture host (Photobucket) that is very reliable and “mobile” in that a single picture hosted there can be displayed in WordPress and the various forums I participate in from time to time.
    I generally upload directly to WordPress when the picture is of a higher resolution – i like the thumbnail to screen size to full res click through feature, something I haven’t figured out with photobucket in wordpress….

    • Thanks, I tried that today and not sure if it’s always that circuitous a route, but it was a doozy 😉

      • It gets easier once familiar and set up.

  7. I’ve had a few problems with posting today, so maybe there is something happening right now, like a virus or something. Let us know what you find out. I hope it’s fixed soon, because I enjoy your photos immensely!

    Olive Twist

    • dang..I just did a post that was more weird than ever…maybe it is something within the wp?

    • Hope your tech stuff is cleared up Olive

      • Hey Anna, Thought of this earlier but forgot to write it… Wondering if WordPress has recently done a software update/upgrade(??) and this might be the source of your troubles?

      • Thanks- it seems to be better now. What about yours?


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