Posted by: oceannah | September 14, 2012

WordPress, what’s up with the picture uploading

OK, I cry Uncle.
I’ve been trying in vain for the past hour to upload a SINGLE photograph.  No dice!  This has been a contentious issue for the past three weeks or so, usually resulting in a very long time at the computer with nothing more than a single picture to show for it.  Today, nada.

I disabled turbo pages, that did nothing.

I logged out and then back in, nothing.

I closed every single window and only had WP open, still nothing.

My time is limited like everyone else.  If the issue cannot be resolved simply I cannot continue this blog because at this point it is just a frustration that I do not have the time to tinker with.

My experience in the past with WordPress is that they do not have a customer service per say.  You google your ‘problem’ then hope someone can help out.  That is inefficient at best!  Bah…





  1. agreed there needs to be a more effecient way to resolve word press issues

    • I hope to find some answers today…

  2. Frustrating! They do have forums that you can post a question on, and someone will eventually get back to you. I think you access them from the bottom of either the stats page or the reader page (I’d look, but my browser at work won’t support those pages anymore because of the constant wordpress upgrades). I’ve used the forums before and got the answers I needed.

    • thanks Heidi, I’m looking into it today…refreshed and ready to have at ’em.

  3. I had an issue a couple of weeks ago that I couldn’t figure out on my own and went to the forums and got an answer in less than an hour. Start here:
    Then type in your problem in the Search Box. OR click on Media under Topics.
    If you can’t find what you need there (or if you don’t want to pull your hair out searching, lol) click on Forums.
    Then Click on Support and then Click on Add New (you must be logged in to see the Add New button).
    If you add the problem, list what you’ve tried already, then you will get email responses… the people on there are really helpful! xoxo

    • Oh Sandi, you tech-godess 🙂 Thanks a bunch, I love that you know I needed those very handy step by step instructions heheheee..

      • That’s what friends are for 😀

  4. Hm,m sounds like a rather inefficient way of dealing with clients (well, inefficient for the clients, at least; ) Good thing for helpful people – like all of the responses you’ve already gotten from your friends here: )

    • Agreed Deb, Sandi has been a huge help for me w/ tech stuff…WP, not so much.

  5. I have noticed advertisements on my page…anybody else?

    • yikes! I’ve noticed them when I visit some blogs, but assumed they were ok’d by the blog owner.

  6. I have issues now and then, but usually they go away…not sure why. Don’t quit, I love reading about your adventures!!

    • Thanks Cindy!! I’m hoping this ‘goes away’ on its own, but it’s persisted for a few weeks…time to look into it further.

      • tonight I had issues with photos…really big, taking over the blog page…yikes…

      • double drat…I posted a question in the forum and got one response. ONE… bah!

      • So does WordPress depend on its members/subscribers/… to do their troubleshooting for them or do they actually have a dedicated staff for this? If not, then looks like it’s definitely time to step up to the next level (for cases like yours, at least). I mean, you don’t see a doctor until you’ve already done some self diagnosis; but with a persistent problem you obviously need some professional help, right?

  7. Anna, know what? We’re patient and understanding. We’ll wait until a forum person gives you the word and presto!

    Step at a time.

    I’ve experienced the same frustration. I finally went to a help forum and the answer was available almost immediately. I know the disappointment. It’s right up there with a rabbit getting into the garden. Or the deer.

    Deep breath. Know you’re loved.

    • Yup, piling on the LOVE ~ can you dig it? LOL, hearing echoes of Marvin Gaye here… but not with the intent of the song, ’cause these smilin’ faces, they DO tell the truth (boogie on baby: )

      • diggin’ into it today Deb… busy weekend with end of summer party, now back on game.

    • Thanks Amy for that sage bit of wisdom… It often happens that glitches pop up when I’ve the least patience or time to delve into them. I’ve not posted in the forum yet, nice long break and a fun weekend first 😉

  8. I didn’t read where you or the responses mentioned pixels (unless I missed it) but I can’t upload anything over 300 pixels. Possibly it had to do with size. But then I visit some sites with very large pictures so I don’t completely understand it. – – If you learn anything about it, please post it. 🙂

    • I don’t think it was size as even after compressing the file it would not upload…I’ll keep you posted if I find anything out.

  9. I complety feel tmyour pain. Wp does that to me when I write a really long post and go to publish it and it’s gone. I took a little break from posting myself. Good luck!! I hope it works out.

    • Yeah, a bit of a break and now to try to figure out the problem… thanks for your comment.

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