Posted by: oceannah | September 12, 2012

wordless wednesday

floriani red flint corn harvest



  1. Lucky you! – Kaye

    • I do feel the good fortune Kaye, and give thanks each day…for corn and many other things.

  2. I love homey pics like this

    • thanks Louann…that is our ‘new’ sink still on the floor :/ another work in progress…

  3. I’m garden-less this year; so HUGE thanks for sharing your bounty: )

    • Deb always happy to share…wish I could share the weeding too 🙂

      • Yes, well, that’s the main reason there isn’t one here; wishing I could weed my own.
        *sigh* Maybe next year…

      • Always next year Deb.

  4. Had the best corn of the summer, last night from a local farm! Grilled with a bit of olive oil!!!!!! YUM

    • YUM-Diddly-I-dee-oh!! I love sweet corn…and hope to yet have some, been off it for the summer challenge and now look forward to a nice few ears.

  5. Yum, I wish we’d planted corn this year. We though we’d ordered the seeds, but they didn’t come with the rest of them.

    • Ahhh Heidi, that has happened to us too.

  6. Oh my you’re going to be busy!

    • hmmm, that is not new but the fun thing is the things that keep me busy are always changing so boredom is never an issue.

  7. Oh. My. God. It’s massive! And with a built-in countertop? Wow! NICE!!
    Wait a minute, is that an enamelware unit? Holy smokes, I know what that is, my husband’s family cottage had a (repurposed) Youngstown Kitchen. I absolutely LOVED using that sink (with built-in drain board *swoon*) for doing dishes; though I must admit to using wash pans for fear of chipping the more fragile things… (they’re built like a tank those things; ) I am now truly envious of your new “sink”; )

    • I know!! 64 inches in length. One of the things I love about it is that it has a low but useful backsplash. Now typically the joint between the counter and wall is caulked or grouted…what I currently have. And lemme just say EEWWWWW! No matter how much you clean/scrub/scrape it still gets black and totally disgusting. This problem will cease to exist with the ‘new’ sink, hurray. It is porcelain over cast iron…weighs a ton:)

  8. LOL Looks like I’m not the only one with sink envy! Hehe. We’re on the lookout for one for our new (very old) farmhouse. Everyone I’ve found online seems to be in Boston for some reason. They don’t seem to keen to ship it to me all the way up here in Western Canada . . .

    • hmmm…I found this beauty on CraigsList for 100bucks!! I’m thrilled to have it, so many I’ve seen in the way way higher price range. Your ‘new’ farm looks awesome!!

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