Posted by: oceannah | September 11, 2012

Floriani RED Flint Corn

floriani red flint corn

Ahh-HO!  The corn has colored up nicely!  In this years corn patch we decided to grow the heirloom Italian dent corn called Floriani Red Flint Corn.  This can be ground into cornmeal and used for polenta or any other application cornmeal might be typically used.

One nice aspect of the corn is that it is gluten free so I’ll be attempting to find other ways of using it besides polenta, which, I happen to love.  Stay tuned.

On Friday the weather prophets were predicting a hale and hearty blow through our neck of the woods, so we decided to pull the corn off the stalks.  After last years popcorn crop was laid low by Hurricane Irene, we weren’t taking chances.

Alrighty then, it appears more pictures of the full harvest will have to wait.  WordPress has been very squirrelly lately and with some frequency I cannot upload pictures.  Ugh, tech issues…  At least one pic came out.

Have a great day everyone!








  1. Wow – the color is VIVID!

    • Really red! I’m glad too because only a short while ago it was decidedly not red at all and I was not certain we received the correct seed.

    • Let us hope the flavor is as vivid too!

  2. It’s beautiful!! Would I want to grind it though? I don’t know. I’m sure you will! – Kaye

    • Ah, Kaye, that is what the VitaMix is for 😉

  3. Look forward to seeing some of your new corn recipes!

  4. that looks delicious. I like your use of the term “squirrely” when referring to harvest photos. If the squirrels aren’t eating your vegetables before they’re ready, it’s WordPress keeping you from sharing their beauty here. 🙂

    • Hahah, Katy, I never feared the squirrels here until this year…our cat is an utter dud for hunting. WP often seems to have oddball glitches that disappear and reappear, strange.

  5. Wow! Well, I’m glad this one came through at least – been wondering how it’d turn out ever since you mentioned this seed a while back and it doesn’t disappoint – it’s just gorgeous! Sure hope they’re not affected by the early harvest; but what a rich looking polenta it’ll make, eh?

    • The corn was not harvested early…it is done making, it just needs to cure up a bit more. Usually I would do that outside in the sun,but not with that weather report 😉

  6. It’s beautiful! Can you also boil this up and eat it sopping in butter?

    • No Sandi, dent corn is for making cornmeal… sweet corn is for eating fresh.

      • I learn something new everyday! Thanks 🙂

      • Isn’t it fun Sandi?! I learn so much from the blog world each day 🙂

  7. So pretty!

    • I agree Heidi!

  8. That’s gorgeous. And I’ll bet the taste is amazing.

    • Haven’t eaten any yet…it’s still drying. I’ll be posting some recipes though when I use it.

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