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fifty pounds sent packing plus stats, GOAL ACHIEVED!

fifty pound loss

My 98 day Burn The Fat Summer Challenge ended yesterday.  Looking back, it really is surprising how fast time goes by.  I did not lose 50 pounds in 98 days…That loss is cumulative but coincided with the challenge nicely.

One of the most important things I learned during the challenge is the difference between scale weight and lean body mass/fat mass.  I was not focused only on losing weight.  My main focus was changing my shape, and I did!  For instance, I lost only 6.6 pounds according to the scale….BUT I lost 12 1/2 inches overall AND 12.36 POUNDS OF FAT while putting on 5.76 pounds of muscle!  Not too shabby I think.












3 June 2012







9 September 2012







6.6 pound loss

5.76 pound gain

of muscle

12.36 pound loss

of fat

6.6% loss

of body fat

My Goals for the 98 Day Challenge:

My goals for the 98 days were:

  • I have finished the challenge! Goal Achieved!
  • I’ve trained hard six days every single week, and taken a rest on Sunday Goal Achieved!
  • I tracked and measured everything I’ve eaten.  Goal Achievedand
  • My Insulin Resistance has been reversed by building lbm  Goal In Reach, last visit Dr. reduced medication amount…moving in the right direction
  • By Keeping a positive attitude, the 98 days went by fast Goal Achieved
  • I have changed my body composition by reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass  Goal Achieved
  • I’ve remained focused on tape measure, not scale Goal Achieved
  • By being a positive supporter of my teammates and other forum friends I have also received amazing support and cheering Goal Achieved
  • I have eaten clean healthy foods that nourish and sustain my body, a vast percentage grown organically by me and my family Goal Achieved
  • I’ve been sleeping at least 7 hours every night, and I’ve been waking up raring to go every day! Goal Achieved–although a few nights were not so rest-y
  • I can begin to see some definition of my muscles and this is super exciting. Goal Achieved, true, but wow…you need some super low body fat % to really see muscle.
  • When people look at me, they see the athlete I feel like Goal Achieved
  • I have signed up for a triathlon Goal in the works…I don’t believe the entry is open yet Triathlon next Aug. 

It’s been a fun time, and a lot of work.  This week is a well deserved break.  What are the goals you’ve achieved this Summer?  I’d love to know how you reached them.  Thanks so much for joining me 🙂




  1. Congratulations, Anna! It’s not easy…but I bet you feel great!

    • Think James Brown: AAAAAHHHWOO, I FEEL GOOD!
      thanks so much Audrey…easy no, rewarding you bet! Still room for improvement, sho’ ’nuff!

  2. You did awesome! Look at the amazing changes in lean versus fat! And the inch loss is significant! Congrats on meeting your goals.
    p.s. the minute we can sign up for that triathlon I will! 🙂

    • If I’m interpreting correctly, that’s 25% (as in ONE QUARTER of total body fat??!!) GONE?
      Holy mackinaw! Congratulations on so much hard work and dedication; such a wonderful… such an a m a z i n g… accomplishment!! Big (and many; ) hugs, Deb

      • Deb, I’m not such a number cruncher, but those results (fat loss/lean gains) are strictly from the 98 day challenge, so I don’t think 6.6% equates with a 25% reduction….Perhaps from my beginning # of 198#, but then again, me & math…not so much 😉 Thanks for your cheers!

    • Thanks Sandi, partly I wish I had the numbers from the beginning for a REALLY BIG contrast, but so be it. The minute you know about our tri, please send me a post 🙂

      • Will do!

      • Super-D!

  3. I wish I had set specific goals as you did, so I could rate my success. I was just plugging along, working hard all summer. My body did not change. I need to set a fall goal! Congratulations!! You are an inspiration. – Kaye

    • Kaye, I’ve come to really appreciate the value in writing down and sharing with others the goals we are trying to accomplish as a way to really manifest change.

  4. Very inspiring Anna!!! I especially like “When people look at me, they see the athlete I feel like. Goal Achieved”. Congratulations my friend!!!

    • Thanks Tammy, it is really wonderful to feel strong and capable again rather than bumbling and winded.

  5. congrats on achieving what you set out to do

    • Thanks LouAnn I’ve still got a ways to go, but for this week, I’m taking a break.

  6. well done you – hoping you inspire my efforts

    • Thank you so much! Just set a goal and stick to it…I find it much more do-able when the goal is written down and I’ve told others about it. Good luck.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss success and the internal health!! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks so much, and I sure will…looking forward to gleaning some tips for my tri training over at your blog too!

  8. Yay you!!!!

    • ahem…taking my bow, thanks !

  9. Congrats on a job well done! I think I found a few of the lbs that you lost. Id like to misplace them too.

    • Rut-ro…Now’s a great time to focus on that task Heidi, since the garden is winding down and the kids are at school. I can tell you my whole property suffered because I dedicated a significant amount of time to the training. It’s all good though, in the end, the snow will fall, and then I’ll start fresh in May.

  10. Congratulations Anna! I bet you feel fantastic! I still have quite a ways to go in my journey but this is very inspiring! Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks Karen…I still have a ways to go too, we’re all works in progress. The trick is to enjoy the ride:)

  11. What a great challenge and congratulations on your accomplishments!

    • thanks, it was a bunch of work,but worth every bit of it.

  12. Great job anna! Good for you – you made it!! And you grow all that veg too -wonderful!:)

  13. Great job Anna, So looking forward to doing the Tri with all of you!! I am waiting till my next race is done to get the diet under control…

    • That sounds like a great plan Cindy. I’m looking forward to our tri too 🙂

  14. […] Weight Watchers prior. However, thanks to the Internet – there are stories a plenty of people working hard and losing 50 pounds, it is no longer just people hawking weight loss or exercise aids on television, it is no longer […]

  15. Congratulations! I recently started a healthy eating/weight loss journey – it’s nice to see success stories!

    • Good luck on your program Stephanie, it surely can be done!!

  16. Congratusuperlations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s really quite an achievement! Be very, very proud of yourself!

    • Thanks Moonday! I really appreciate your cheers 🙂

  17. Way to go, Anna! I was just thinking last night, as I completed week 3 of the C25K program, that I no longer care as much about lbs. To confirm my shift, I was up 1lb this morning but still I wear a size smaller, nearly 2.

    Yes the scale is an indicator but an even bigger indicator is the inches lost in the past few months.

    Neither really compares, though, to the strength GAINED. I can’t believe how much more energy I have, how much better I sleep, or how much easier it is to chase my Grandkids than it was when I started this in March.

    Great progress – Stand Tall and Stand Proud 🙂 do you hear my Cheer in West MI?


    • Way to go for YOU MJ!!! Isn’t it a great feeling all those endorphins 🙂

  18. Congratulations, that kind of dedication gets results.

    Funny, what caught my eye- 148.6 is my exact weight as well, down 16 pounds in a year of heavy gardening and healthy fresh eating. (I’m not a big guy).
    Likewise my insulin resistance markers went from “worst to first”, a complete flip flop. 2 blood pressure meds dropped. I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight, it just came with the continued change in lifestyle and diet. Not bad for a 52 year old I must say. 😉

    • Great job to lose 16 pounds!! Not bad at all 🙂

      • Thanks, it doesn’t compare to what you have accomplished (and no doubt will continue) but I was smug enough to allow myself one vanity post

      • any goal of losing weight that is reached is reason to celebrate!! Well done!

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