Posted by: oceannah | September 8, 2012

Day 98 is tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will finish my 98 day summer burning of the fat.  I’ve learned a great deal and will, of course continue to work at shredding off the last stubborn pounds.  Those final 10-12 that sit so snugly around my middle.

I will shift my efforts to full time triathlon training.  Functionally that means I will take my lifts back to 2 full body workouts a week most likely using New Rules of Lifting for Women as a guide.  I’ll amp up the biking and (ugh…) running.  This running thing is the most challenging…well, sort of.  I’m also re-learning to swim.  Turns out I am a dreadfully inefficient, if exuberant, swimmer.  Biking likewise has new things to learn.  So, I’ll not lack for hurdles to hop or miles to go before I sleep.




  1. Good luck with all this, Anna! I really don’t know where you will find the time with all you do and your garden demands, but, if anyone can, it’s you! – Kaye

    • Oh Kaye, your vote of confidence is super sweet and greatly appreciated. I’m not saying any of it is easy…but it will be fun, eh? And truly, the garden is waning in a big way now. When/if the snow flies I’ll trade some of the biking/running for SKIS 🙂

  2. I am tuckered just reading about it – best of luck–glad it is you and not me

    • I got a good hoot on that one LouAnn 🙂 ‘preciate the luck much!

  3. LOL. I am familiar with this type of swimming, and have been thinking of getting some help with it as well. Thanks for giving me a nice way to describe it. 🙂

    • Hahah! I’m honored to be in good company LS!

  4. Time enough those promises you made to keep
    Luckily the woods are lovely, dark and deep; )

    • And I’m sure you’ll make a great torpedo (cuts like a knife, all forward motion, zero splash: )

      • *sigh* yes, that is the dream Deb!

    • Yes, yes….you caught my wee homage to RF 😉

  5. Its been an amazing summer of change for all of us! Look forward to following you as you train for the tri… My official training will commence October 1! xoxo

    • YES! As we move forward into the tri training we certainly will be doing even MORE changing ;O

  6. Working on those same 12 pounds too… good luck on the training!!

    • The last few are stubborn little adipose demons…we will be victorious though :O

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