Posted by: oceannah | August 30, 2012

harvest of the day

veggie bounty
Give us this day our daily harvest!  I was pleasantly surprised to have such a nice amount of broccoli ‘side shoots’.  Usually I pull all the plants once the main harvest is over.  This year a couple plants were left in the ground since they were over near a section that was being planted in winter squashes and would be over run with squash.  See that corn?  It’s the Floriani Red Flint corn I was so excited to be growing.  Huh?  Whaddaya mean it aint red?  Yeah, I saw that too 😉  I love Fedco, but if they sold me dud corn I’m gonna have to have a word or two…Maybe it colors up as it dries?   Lot’s of this photo turned into dinner last night.  Nothing beats the freshness!

late season broccoli shoots

shoots of broccoliNot bad for ‘side shoots’ and late season broccoli eh?  It’s actually been a very long day already.  Not near enough sleep last night.  I need to not listen to the radio at bedtime.  What keeps you up at night?




  1. Nice harvest! What keeps me up at night…my husbands snoreing, worry, caffeine, skunk smell, being too hot. Hope you get some sleep!!

    • HA! I have to nudge the hubs to turn over when the snoring gets to be too much…

  2. It was a really good year for sideshoot broccoli down here. I just pulled my spring plants today and they still had a few, but only a few, so I decided to remove the bug egg hatchery that the broccoli had become. Such a strange garden season, but even with all that, we’ve had some pretty good eating. What keeps me up at night? Not much since the twins were born. 😉

    • Yes, I agree a very strange garden season. Broccoli shoots looking good still 🙂

  3. Anna it all looks soooo delicious! I bet you had a fabulous dinner and so healthy for you too! I know what you mean about the corn not turning red though. 😉

    • I love veggies…pretty much all of them, ‘cept maybe okra, not too much.
      I’m hoping the corn colors up as it matures. Good to see you Karen.

  4. Looks like a fabulous harvest! I love how green it all is!

    Things that keep me up, worry, computer, good books. Although if I run after dinner, I’m out like a light by 1030!!

    • Hahaha…I’m usually out like a light too, it’s staying OUT that is a challenge. I adore reading before bed, but not listening to politics.

      • Insulated from politics here in China… so no worries there, unless you count the politics on my facebook wall!

      • Gak once you return, the politics will be inescapable Florida is a swing state as I’m sure you know. My suggestion…don’t have tv.

  5. Great harvest! We just had the first of our beans tonight with our dinner (we planted them late spring).

    • Yah for beans. I have a great way to do blackened green beans that are SO delish. Basically blanch a bunch, then mix up some spicy stuff, cayenne pepper, black pep, salt, oregano, what you like and a tbls. of corn meal (fine) roll the damp blanched beans in it all to coat and sear in a greased pan…yum.

      • Ooo.. definitely going to try that, thanks! Not today though – it’s raining and I won’t be out picking beans in the rain.

      • Just don’t forget to put the fan on if you use a good bit of spice 😉

  6. Great harvest! What keeps me up, like ever, is worry. “Shut it off, if you can, and get a good night’s sleep” is harder said than done.

    • Haha I meant easier said than done….guess I need some sleep! – Kaye

      • Heeeeheheeee 😉
        Hope you got some good zzzz’s

    • Kaye it seems once the mind is turned on (for me) at night it is SO hard to shut it off. Thanks for swinging by Kaye 🙂

  7. oh your broccoli looks lovely. I despair of having any this year. It’s been a poor growing season for them. Normally by now we would be enjoy some for supper each night. This time of year always makes me realize why I plant a garden – for the glorious harvest!

    • Thanks Joss. It is great to have all the veggies, but it’s winding down rapidly. Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  8. I always want to hear a specific song than look it up on YouTube, than I get reminded of another than another….so I end up watching music videos for an hour and a half.

    • Haha! I do that sometimes too, it’s easy to lose your way in the www!

  9. Thinking of you Anna and hoping you’re well. Sonia xoxo

    • Thanks so much Sonia! All’s well here but very busy. Wishing you a wonderful September. xo

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