Posted by: oceannah | August 27, 2012

Cute Organic Mousetrap, maybe

new farm catThis beauty is our newest farm cat.  Unfortunately she’s more of a looker than a hunter.  Although we did get excited that she had some prey not too long ago.  My daughter called me over saying hey mama the cat has something.  When I came to look up fluttered a moth!  Oh my, and not even a cabbage moth..

So far she’s worked out the cat door in the barn and to her credit has not eaten the sole remaining baby chick.  Perhaps her mousing skills will grow as she continues to adapt to the homestead.

She’s nice and friendly, comes when called!  What I like about her most so far is that she is not a big mouth…Houdini and all her meowing outside the window is not a great thing to hear at 3am!

Critters…they add some spice to life that’s for certain.  Have a great week everyone.


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  1. Pretty girl! I’m sure she’ll figure it all out… and Lord knows I know about 3 a.m. and meowing… I have a bed sharing cat that does that!!! I have to throw him out and close the door!

    • Let’s hope she figures out the mousing and not the meowing 😉

      • LOL… yes, that’s what we need to hope for! Or at least to keep her meowing to daylight hours!

  2. The waves pounded us today 🙂 I can see why you like spring lake, thanks xop

    We are wholly loving and wholly lovable ~ A Course in Miracles

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    • WHOOOO HOO!!! Love a good pounding from the Great Mothers Womb 🙂
      so, do you love Spring Lake & the GV??

  3. Sometimes it’s ok to have form over function. I always think that a cat is essential to making a place feel homey. Though a working cat is good, too. If you find a way to motivate him, let me know. Ours, like me, is a little too well fed.

    • haha…well her rations WERE free choice kibble, til we realized a mouse was ‘sharing’ the leftovers now we have to monitor the feed to twice daily…which is a bother and hopefully will stop soon. She aint starving but neither is she livin’ high on the hog 😉

  4. LOL! Maybe she’s just starting out small? She’s got the look of a hunter… (Love her little white vest & tie: )

    • Haha…yes Deb, that is very small…the moth that got away 🙂 It’s the sharing of the kibble that really sent us over the moon 😉

      • Hm,mm yes I can see how that might be a bit of a conflict of interest; )
        Maybe she’s just “baiting the trap”, so to speak?

      • It is possible she is that clever Deb, I’d never given her that much credit truth to tell 😉

  5. Beautiful! Just having her around (even if she didn’t eat them) would keep the mice away, no? – Kaye

    • It’s possible just cattitude alone would be a deterrent Kaye…

  6. she does have a supermodel presence though!

    • haha…she’s always on the carpet 😉

  7. Hi, love the broccoli you are cutting, very handsome! My good, old barn cat was taken out of the equation by coyotes early this Spring. Since then we have had a proliferation of mice, chipmunks and rabbits, all taking advantage of the situation. A good barn cat used to be easy to find here in the country where they determine their own breeding programs but the coyotes have tipped the balance of the food chain. They’ve removed a vital link and left a broken chain. The coyotes have eaten the feral cats but nothing wants to eat a coyote!

    • Thanks for popping in Sandi…I just cut a nice bunch of broccoli side shoots today 🙂 The coyotes here are on the rise too. When things are out of balance, all bets are off.

  8. Your cat is named Houdini? I like that. One of our cats is named Erik. We named him after Ehrich Weiss (Harry Houdini’s birth name) because he is a clever escape artist.
    I also laughed about your kitty catching a moth. We took in my dad’s 16 year old cat, Whiskers, this past winter when my dad went into a group home. I once saw her catch a moth who ventured into the house and ATE IT. In like 2 bites. Gross.

    • Ewww makes me glad I’m not a cat 😉 Thanks for popping in!

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