Posted by: oceannah | August 24, 2012


yarrow Achillea millefoliumIt’s been a very full & busy 30 hours here.

New perspectives are emerging and all is well, just a lot going on.

Challenge Du Jour:  Try to look at a situation in a new way today….

or think about

something from a new perspective…that’s what’s up with me today.

Let’s compare notes in a day or two.




  1. xoxoxo

  2. Challenge du jour – good phrase – crappy meaning

    • thanks Louann I think you mean crappy b/c it’s a challenge?

  3. Hugs and anything else you may require…

    • Thanks so much Deb.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. My younger son was 17 yesterday, we are celebrating tonight. House is a mess with my college son home, and behind on Late Bloomer and my poor garden is being neglected. I need a fresh perspective to tackle it all! – Kaye 🙂

    • Happy Birthing day Kaye! and happy b’day to your son. It’s a lot to fit in…

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