Posted by: oceannah | August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday stone wall

stone wall in woods



  1. I am always amazed when hiking, where you see stone walls…At one time New Hampshire was 75% clear cut…sheep farms…now 75% forested…Love picturing what it must have been like living then…I love stone walls.

    • Cindy we always come across these stone walls when hiking too! Whenever we see old stone walls we just marvel at how robust the farmers of yesterday were! These are stone walls up in the hills, cleared for livestock…The amount of work that went into the hill farms here must have been staggering.

  2. 🙂

  3. I’m always amazed at how dry stone walls withstand the elements, modern day builders could learn a thing or two from these techniques 🙂

    • Hey Sonia, You may also find shenanigans of the Dry Stone Wallers Around (formerly Association of) Canada interesting OR Michaela’s most recent post from within her “ancient” Secret Garden walls
      Cheers: )

    • It’s true Sonia, a dry stack wall is a thing of beauty and endurance…

  4. Just beautiful.

    • Thanks Ogee 🙂

  5. Always love your Wordless Wednesday posts and this one as usual, did not disappoint….beautiful photo! Hope you are having a great week!

    • Thanks far the week’s going along busily but fun!

  6. Oh how gorgeously cool and green (but, at the same time so sad)! Was this a hedgerow boundary at some point? A farmer’s obviously hard-won field left abandoned to go back to the wild?
    Can’t help but think of all that work gone to waste – at least the wall still stands – mute testimony to Herculean effort long past… Sure am glad I didn’t have to pick rocks there every spring (it’s bad enough here with all the glacial till (left in/on) of the Moraine; )

    • Definitely a boundary of sorts Deb…probably for livestock.

  7. I love ruined buildings. It looks like a peaceful spot to visit.

    • It is a peaceful area…a lot of land back up in the hills just like this.

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