Posted by: oceannah | August 20, 2012

community gathering

The very busy days have slowed down to merely bustling times.  A friend has a party every summer…THE BIG PARTY.  It was so wonderful to be able to prepare a bunch of food (from here: pulled pork, cole slaw, a big cheesecake by request) and know that for the next two days I would not have to cook anything else.

Everyone brings tons of food.  The younger kids play, swing, jump, trampoline, hula hoop… the older ones ‘hang out’ and play board games, cards, horseshoes ladder ball and all manner of good old fashioned simple fun.  Those of us older folks hang out and play!

My friend and I made it into the finals of the horseshoe game!  The weather was perfect.  Tents were raised, people lingered, music played…a grand old time…The Big Party was a smashing success.  While sitting on the lawn watching the horseshoe game I was deeply satisfied with the whole weekend.  Friends, family good health…all here and now.  Simple.




  1. So wonderful!!

    • Yes, simple and easy too…

  2. sounds like a perfect time!

    • It really was…the weather was divine.

  3. I love summer parties. Sounds like fun.

    • I know you do Heidi…It was tons of fun and relaxed.

  4. sounds wonderful – my dad used to play horseshoes – I used to try–that was a long time ago -we actually had a horseshoe pit in our backyard

    • I’d never played horseshoes before…they can get very heavy! My shoulder was tired after a few games 🙂

      • I have not played since I was a kid

      • It was easy to learn, outside and pretty much anyone can play it! All nice things about horseshoes…

  5. Sounds absolutely delightful! Summer fun at its best, in community.

    • It was delightful indeed…look forward to next year already.

  6. What a wonderful summer weekend!

    • It was wonderful Sandi!

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