Posted by: oceannah | August 8, 2012

Milk For Monarchs Fini

newly hatched monarch butterfly

Imagine my surprise when I returned from the library to find my wee charge had released herself from the cocoon?  (I actually do not know if it is he or she, but somehow I felt she-ish about this one.)  Well that is exactly what happened!  In the photo above, you can see the wings are still not fully dry and in fact, I was quick to place the butterfly outside hanging upside down so she could finish pumping her wings and getting ready for flight.  I’ve been waiting and watching all day, but alas, I missed the big moment!  I read that they usually emerge in the morning, so I had anticipated it would happen very early tomorrow…wrong.

I placed the butterfly on the peony (which still has another cocoon yet to emerge) but then the butterfly crawled onto the jewel weed next door and seemed very content there.

I sat and watched and waited until I had to leave for a meeting.  Drat!  I did not get to see my little one fly off into the great wide world.  However, I was at a meeting with the college that my daughter will be attending this fall (all thirteen years of her)…so I was assisting a flight of a different sort you may say.

Here’s looking at you.  I was fascinated by all the ‘eye spots’ in the head area.  The actual eye has no white, but what a confusing bunch of ‘eyes’ for predators to contend with…if they are goofy enough to go for these colors in the first place.  But oh how amazing the adaptations are!

As if the Monarch was not sufficient, the abundant universe saw fit that a Spicebush Swallowtail should float by and sip some clover.  What a day!  I hope you enjoyed this little series that unfolded here in the backyard and kitchen.  There is magic and wonder all around us…we just need to slow down and observe it.  I hope you find some magic in your day today.



  1. Oh, that’s too bad that you missed it. She really is lovely.

    • I know, hard to believe right!? There is still the ‘wild’ cocoon hanging from the peony so I may yet get to video an emergence.

  2. She’s GORGEOUS!!!! That was so much fun to follow. Thanks for taking the time to stop and watch a butterfly become 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks Sandi, I’m so happy you enjoyed the journey. We are all transforming at one level or another every day as you well know 😉

  3. we do need to slow down and see the wonders around us – thanks

    • It’s always a blessing LouAnn to have the time to slow down. We live in such a busy world.

  4. It’s a cinderella story!

    • Cinderella in her beautiful ball gown floating off to find a mate…

  5. Proud mom…with good reason! She’s a delight.

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