Posted by: oceannah | August 7, 2012

harvest basket

The harvest basket is getting more full each day.  Yesterday’s basket had a zucchini and the rest of the goodies on the counter.  It’s nice to have some carrots for a change.  In the pot is the (probably) final cut of the summer salad mix.  I’ve re-seeded with another mix and the Anuenue Lettuces are coming along well, but won’t be ready for a while.  The tomatoes are finally ripening with this weeks sun!  Otherwise all is well on the homestead.  Chicken coop has some good news, the apples are scant at the very best and the elderberries are coloring up!
What’s doing in your neck of the world?  Happy Day To ALL of you.



  1. It must be so rewarding for you at this time of year

    • it is very rewarding when we can outsmart the bugs and the weather…

  2. Not sure if I’m talking through my hat or not (what a weird expression, eh?: ) but it always seemed that the tomatoes got an extra boot in the arse toward getting ripe once the Tomato Hornworms started to do their thing (or I got off my duff and got serious about trimming out the suckers, whichever came first; )

    • That is a funny phrase Deb. I mean who talks through their hat? Wonder where it originated? No hornworms here thankfully, we’ve got our share of squash beetles. Actually I have NO yellow sq. this year. I’m going to plant some more tomorrow for a late crop…sheesh.

  3. Mother Earth has surly been bountiful this year 🙂 I love seeing all that fresh organic food on your counter!

  4. our tomatoes and peppers are surviving, but barely

  5. I’ve been at the desk all day.My email server was down for a day and when it came on two hours ago there were 288 emails! Think I will take a break and go outto the garden and see what’s ripe :).

    • Holy Jamochafudgesundae…
      Kaye I would RUN outside if I got that many emails…I’m not such a lover of the computer 😉 Take off your shoes and connect with the earth, shake of the desk my friend.

  6. Your carrots are so straight, well done!! I always think there is something miraculous about straight carrots . . .

    I’m very envious of your harvest. We had to pare way back this year to try to sell this darn house. Somehow the real-estate agent didn’t think a front yard full of tomatoes and a backyard full of quail and chickens would help the sale . . .

    • Straight carrots are a sign of two variables: soil tilth and variety. If you try to grow Imperator type carrots in hard soil you’ll get some unusual carrots to say the least!

      Maybe your realtor knows the market, but sheesh, it would be a hard thing to give up the garden!! Who buys or does not buy based on having a garden? I can see chickens and quail…

      Thanks for popping in!

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