Posted by: oceannah | August 3, 2012

summer shakespeare, youth theater… twelfth night

“The Little Globe Theater”




enter the madly used malvolio




the twins






  1. Those photos bring back wonderful memories of Walker doing a few plays when he was 10. I had to BEG him to do a line the first show, told him his grandma was coming from Arizona (she did), so he agreed to three lines. Then he did four more shows, ending with a lead part in West Side Story. (That was the end of his acting career, I’m afraid, sacrificed for his tennis career.) This was up in the woods, but inside a building. Outside must be a blast. Enjoy!

    • How nice Kaye, memory lane is a joy many times. Outside is fun, but has it’s bumps. The second show played to a very small devout house of parents who sat under umbrellas as the rain pittered and pattered… Our dd traded 5.5 years of competitive gymnastics for acting and hasn’t looked back since. She still plays other sports these days, but her first love is ‘the theatah’ Thankfully she has no desire to ‘be’ an actress…since she’s 8 she has been set on becoming an orthodontist…even asked for a trip to the dental museum at 10 hahah!

  2. What fun! Our family was involved in theater when I was a kid. My sister acted in several plays… what a fun part of growing up!

    • It is fun. I really like participating in a behind the scenes way…I admire dd for the acting part I couldn’t do that.

  3. My, but what a busy soul this wardrobe mistress must be; )

    • I always help out, it’s true, but this show was pretty easy. We’ve been doing this a long while and the wardrobe selection on hand is pretty extensive from (many years) of costume making. For this show the only full costume I made was Malvolio’s pajamas and night cap….which, as usual, I didn’t know would be needed until a week before show time, and no patterns in sight *sigh* Thankfully my grandma used to make many of our clothes by telling us to lay down on the fabric so there you have it. The cap was a cinch as I’ve made plenty of dolls w/ such caps. Malvolio was wonderful but when he comes out in his jammies, he got a huge laugh 🙂 Everything else was just up/down or in/out and I see I could have done a few more sleeves I didn’t know about while watching the show c’est la vie

      • Thanks for the great image of Grandma’s “pattern making” – what a great way to learn!

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